🇺🇸40 Acre Gold Mining Placer Claim on Beaver Creek, Colorado "Park Co."

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This is a legally registered, None-Patented, 40 Acre(s) Placer Gold Mining Claim for sale, Beaver Creek # 1 in the Fairplay Mining District on Beaver Creek.
A mining claim is a parcel of land for which the claimant has asserted a right of possession and the right to develop and extract a discovered, valuable, mineral deposit. This right does not include exclusive surface rights (see Public Law 84-167).
Gold production from the Fairplay (Beaver Creek) district was entirely from placer deposits and included production from the Snowstorm and Fairplay placers along the South Platte River and small placers along Sacramento and Beaver Creeks.
Gold placers were discovered in the district about 1859, and through 1872 their output was valued at about $1 million (48,380 ounces) (Henderson, 1926, p. 36-38). From 1872 through 1938 the placers were worked sporadically without any spectacular results. From 1939 to 1951, the district was rejuvenated and about 125,000 ounces of gold was produced. These operations were terminated in 1952, and the district was virtually idle from 1952 through 1959. The minimum total gold yield of the district through 1959 was about 202,000 ounces. By far the most productive placers are outwash gravels which extend downstream from the moraines formed by the South Platte glacier; smaller deposits have been found upstream (Singewald, 1950, p. 146-161).
Park County is in the mountainous central part of Colorado and includes a central broad basin, called South Park, rimmed on the east and north by the Front Range, on the west by the Mosquito Range, and on the south by an unnamed range of low hills. The county is drained by the South Platte River and its tributaries, most of which head in the Mosquito Range.
Gold is the principal mineral mined in the county, which ranks eighth in the State in gold production. Gold, silver, and other metals totaling $49,172,800 in gross value had been produced through 1959. Of this total about $36,725,000 (1,364,430 ounces) represents gold - $27,305,000 in lode gold and $9,417,000 in placer gold. Most of the production has come from the northwest part of the county along the east slope of the Mosquito Range.
Placer gold was discovered in Park County in 1859; this was one of the earliest mineral discoveries in Colorado. Prospectors, some arriving by way of the Arkansas River and others arriving by way of the South Platte River, found gold in the streams of South Park and later rich lodes at the headwaters of the South Platte and its tributaries. Nearly all the lode gold has come from the Alma district, and the placer gold has come from the Fairplay, Tarryall, and the Alma districts.
Some of the amenities are:
· Walk to creek.
· Local gravels on bedrock.
· Abundant, thick older gravel deposits.
· Tree roots & grass clumps, downed trees, logs, etc.
· Shallow water/slow current.
· Mining level: Recreational to intermediate.
· Quiet and safe area; very beautiful.
· Nearest town is Fairplay, CO is 3.5 miles away with lodging, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, and gasoline facilities available!
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__ Payment
Upon full payment, + Plus $250 fee. We will send you a Quitclaim deed naming you as the new owner for this mining claim. All fee's and documents required by the BLM have been filed for this assessment year. You will need to file either an annual maintenance fee or an affidavit of the performance of annual work, with a waiver form with the BLM before September 1st, 2022. And each following year. If you fail to file the paperwork properly, the BLM will close the claim. We will include the required forms to maintain the claim in good standing with the BLM, and send you copies of the following;
1. GPS coordinates to get you there.
2. You will receive the BLM recorded "Quitclaim Deed" after the claim is paid in full and you will receive the Deed 4-6 weeks later.
Payment Info:
I accept certified check or money orders only.We now accept credit cards and debit cards. Payment is due within 24 hours after Auctions Ends. Mailing of Quit Claim deed to the buyer may take up to 3 weeks after payment clears. Serious Bidders Only.
__ Shipping
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