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20 Acre, Sheep Creek Placer Gold Claim, Colorado Rockies, Historical, FairPlay District
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You are bidding on the full price on an Unpatented Placer Mining Gold Claim in Park County Colorado State. The claims location is on Sheep Creek.
The Fairplay district produced 202,000 ounces of placer gold, mostly along the South Platte River in the snowstorm and Fairplay Placers. Along with Sacramento and Beaver Creek is excellent placer ground. The area Southeast of town in glacial Outwash gravels contains placer gold. At the head of Fourmile Creek is the Horseshoe Mine and it was a good producer. North of Fourmile Creek and south of Mosquito Creek is the Sacramento Mine that produced a by product of gold.
Fairplay. A great gold placer mining town. And a great tourist town to visit, City provided gold panning just on the south side of town and you have the entire Rockies to drive and explore to your west.
Gold Panning: Yes, even at the high price per an ounce for gold, there is still gold to be panned in Fourmile Creek. Stop at a motel or restaurant for information. Unlimited gravel to search, but you need just a bit of equipment.
(1) A gold pan. Plastic or steel. The green plastic has the best contrast. You need to get your steel pan to rust up a bit for contrast, which takes a few years.
(2) Shovel. Yes, in my case it is the boon pooing' shovel I have to remove large boulders to get the finer sand that adheres to the boulders and is in between.
(3) Bucket. Any five-gallon plastic bucket will do. Also, a heavy mesh screen to screen the smaller pebbles and coarse grit. If the screen opening is about the size of this 0... you will save yourself some screening later. The gold is a "flour gold", bright yellow and in contrast to the next heavy sand, magnetite, which is black and very common.
(4) The creek is shallow, cold and where you can take a bucket of water to pan your "concentrate". Gold is much heavier than water and anything else you have in this sand, so it will stay at or near the bottom of your pan. After twenty minutes of sloshing around the wrong way, you will eventually be washing the "lighter sand" out of the pan, like on the western movies and if you are seeing the black magnetite in streaks on the bottom of the pan, the gold is in there, with it. If some other "gold bug" is out there, they can show you the technique. You WILL figure it out. If you could drive your trailer to the campsite, not get lost, not roll the trailer into a mountain ditch and can pump gasoline, you can figure this out.
(5) Have something like an eye dropper to "suck" the gold into a small glass container with a bit of water in it and, of course, a cork or screw top lid. This glass container need not be very large, unless you are feeling real, real lucky and have a back that can handle the work. Or have a couple of pre-teen boys with that gold bug look when they see that first flake of gold.
The gold is bright and plentiful! It is both rounded (Tertiary gravel source) and chunky (nearby bedrock source). The claim attributes are:
* Local gravels on bedrock.
* Small to large gravel bars.
* Some remnant terraces.
* Tree roots & grass clumps, downed trees, logs, etc.
* Shallow to deep water.
* Mining level: Recreational to advanced.
* Dredging friendly (when the law is reversed).
* Quiet and safe area; very beautiful. Good fishing and swiming.
* Children and senior friendly - fun for all!
* Quincy is about 7 miles away with shopping and lodging.
This is an ideal claim for those who like to prospect in areas not too remote and nearby to amenities, such as good restaurants and accommodations. This claim has a very access to it by walking to the claim from he road.
Miners and prospectors will have a life-time of opportunities before this claim is played out.
This spot is one of a kind and you will want to add this claim to your portfolio. It is beautiful, quiet, and safe.
Upon full payment, + Plus $250 fee. We will send you a Quitclaim deed naming you as the new owner of this mining claim. All fee's and documents required by the BLM have been filed for this assessment year. You will need to file either an annual maintenance fee or an affidavit of the performance of annual work, with a waiver form with the BLM before September 1st, 2021. And each following year. If you fail to file the paperwork properly, the BLM will close the claim. We will include the required forms to maintain the claim in good standing with the BLM, and send you copies of the following;
1. GPS coordinates to get you there.
2. You will receive the BLM recorded "Quitclaim Deed" after the claim is paid in full and you will receive the Deed 4-6 weeks later.

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