"Bespin Boots" costume shoe covers that Luke wore on Dagobah No-paint design

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I just got a nasty surprise with the new shipping costs. 8 oz and lower is now only $13 but one oz more and it jumps to $22. (It used to be $14.40 for up to about 13oz)
So I have changed the shipping to the 9oz or higher rate to avoid losing money. BUT, I will refund $9 if your package can go for the 8oz rate which happens occasionally.
But please expect that it is unlikely the package will weigh only 8oz, mostly kid size covers will fall into that range and for some reason "taupe" is lighter than the other colors.
I have a version that I dirty up for $10 more see here:

Custom made to your measurements
sizes 5- 12 men
see the end of description for what I need
The shoe covers are made of felt fabric. They will go over the top of your shoe
There is black elastic at the bottom like a stirrup, to hold them snug to your shoe
There are 3 straps that go up the boot leg and wrap around and fasten with hook side velcro.
Velcro is sewn onto the strap near the end where it is attached to the bootleg, so that the free end of the strap wraps around and adheres to the velcro.
There is no fuzzy side velcro at the end of the strap to avoid stitch lines which look awful. The strap adheres to the hook side because the felt fabric itself is enough to catch. So the felt will become fuzzy at this area, but is hidden on the underside of the strap so it will not look bad.
If it gets out of control, you can trim fuzz off with scissors.
These shoe covers look best on a shoe with some fullness to it, like an athletic shoe (running shoe, trainer).
Oxford type work shoes are good, too. Square toed dress shoes seem to work as well.
Sneakers like Vans or Keds do not work as they have no body, low profile and a flat sole with no gap in which the stirrup can nestle. If the stirrup is on a flat sole you would have an uncomfortable experience when you walk.
The first thing you need to do is "Your Research". Look at videos online, google image search "Luke Dagobah"
I will not give a recommendation on color. Please decide based upon the information I am giving you. I can't presume to know what look you are going for or how you judge the aesthetic.
Another issue that people have is they use a reference shot that has awkward lighting and can come up with a very different outfit than what Luke actually wears but it still probably looks good (even right).
You should match your boots to whatever pants you have settled on.
Think about what look you are going for and then choose which color for yourself from the swatches shown in the images. If you don't have your costume yet, wait til you have it and then order the shoe covers. It takes me 4 days or less to get them in the mail after I get your information.
In the photos, I have given you a swatch sheet that is set against an Anovos Bespin suit jacket because this has been a huge request. Then another set against a light khaki with white included to show you contrast.
The first gallery image shows a pair of Camel color and they were shot in front of a bolt of the Taupe color so you can see that difference.
The second image is grey and the last few are taupe.
I do not yet have a photo of the sandstone plain, here is an old photo with the old foot I used to do (shown with the camel color)
You can choose which color looks best to you.
Some people are even trying to match action figures and will want an even stranger color than I would expect.
That is how I came upon using Grey and Camel
**WHAT COLOR DO YOU WANT? Taupe, Sandstone, Camel or Grey.
as well as shoe size #, tell me if they are for a child, Man or Woman. Also tell me if it is UK, US, etc
(if you see a EUR size on your shoe, that is my preference and then I don't need the men's women's or country info)
**WHAT IS THE MEASUREMENT AROUND THE FATTEST PART OF YOUR CALF? (if you give me a measurement smaller than 14", I will question it, so reassure me if 13" or smaller is correct)
**HOW TALL DO YOU WANT THE BOOT LEG? With a shoe on, measure from the floor upward to the spot on your leg where you'll want the boot leg to end. The best way to measure boot leg height is to get down on bended knee and measure from the floor up to no more than your inner bend, not your kneecap.

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