10+ Bielefelder Fertile Hatching Eggs. Flock is from 2011 & 13 import bloodline

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Give a man a fish....he eats for a day.
You do not have all of your prepper supplies stashed away if you do not have a flock of these awesome BIELEFELDER chickens!
Read my Breed description below to understand why the above statement is a true fact.
No other breed of chicken offers what Bielefelders do for the prepping community.
It takes a bit to establish a producing flock.....so don't wait....fire up your incubator now in these uncertain times....while the Grid is operational....Just sayin'.
You are bidding on 10+ Bielefelder chicken fertile hatching eggs from my backyard. This breed is still very new to the US, and not seen much outside of Germany. If you had to choose only one breed of chicken to keep, and you were interested in both meat and eggs, the Bielefelder would be the breed to go with.
FUN FACT: Bielefelder chickens mature quickly. Any eggs hatched by you this Fall or Winter will be producing their own eggs for you to hatch yourself during the 2021 Summer hatching season. My first pullet to lay, laid her first egg 3 days before her 6 month birthday! The majority of the girls were laying strong by 7 months.
I have a small flock of rare German heritage Bielefelder chickens. I have been keeping various types of poultry, from quail to peafowl, on and off for over 40 years. Bielefelders are by far the cooliest and most fun to have around breed of fowl that I have ever kept!!!! Bielefelders are my favorite breed hands down. I can't recommend them enough.
If you found my listing because you were specifically looking for this rare and beautiful breed, you probably already know about the Bielefelder and their incredible characteristics. Let me state right up front, that all of the things that you have heard about these marvelous birds is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!! Bielefelder’s are likely the most OUTSTANDING dual purpose chicken breed ever developed. The positive reports that you read on the web are not exaggerations; this breed really does hold up to their reputation.
1. They are dual purpose birds, meaning that they are large chickens with excellent meat properties as well as great egg layers too. Adult hens reach a weight of around 8 lbs, roosters can grow well over 10 lbs
2.They are very calm and love human companionship…. they are the most laid back chickens I have known! They are not easily frightened. They are curious chickens who love to hang out with the people when they are free ranging in the yard. They are docile and make excellent pets around children. Even the roosters are mild mannered and respect kids as well as adults. Bielefelders are an excellent choice if you have children around or like to cuddle with your chickens. You will hear stories on the internet of how toddlers can take the eggs out from under Bielefelder hens without being pecked. Although I don’t have any grandkids to test this out on, I fully suspect that it is true. They are an ideal choice for first time chicken owners to professional poultry men alike.
3. They are beautiful birds….just check out the pictures! These are the actual parents of the eggs that you will receive from my breeding flock. My birds are large, quiet, stately birds. They are big boned, fluffy, and very gentle. The color is called Cuckoo Crele. They are gorgeous birds and they make excellent “Chicken Eye Candy” in the yard. The roosters remind me of me when I am lounging around on the weekend in my plaid lounge pants, tie dye Tee, and flannel shirt….kinda Bohemian if you ask me….but chic at the same time!
4. These birds grow amazingly fast, maturing early…mine get to be 4lb fryers in only 14 weeks. They are hefty enough for meat but have none of the leg and joint problems associated with some of the factory type meat birds.
5. They are prolific layers….laying 200+ Big brown eggs per year. The egg color will vary in different shades of beige, light brown, dark chocolate brown, and some even have speckles. My first pullet to lay, had her first egg 3 days before her 6 month birthday! The majority of the girls were laying strong by 7 months. Bielefelders are hardy birds, young hens typically lay throughout the Winter too.
6. AND BEST OF ALL, THEY ARE A TRUE AUTO SEXING BREED. You can visually sex the cockerels from the pullets the moment that they are out of the egg. You will know at hatch time if you have hens or roosters. This can be a real plus for people who live in the city.
The pale colored ones are the boys and the chipmunk striped chicks are the girls. And unlike some sexing breeds, the Bielefelder is still sexable even when they feather out and shed their newborn “baby fuzz”. Think of the hassle that this eliminates! And unlike the Hybrid Sex Linked chicks that hatcheries promote, (sex linked breeds are sexable at birth only for the first generation). The Auto Sexing characteristic is in the DNA, and will continue on into perpetuity as long as you do not cross your Bielefelders with other chicken breeds!!!! BIELEFELDERS HAVE IT ALL!!!!
If you are not familiar with the history of Bielefelders in the US, do some research on the web and you will soon find out that they have only been here in the states since 2011 when Greenfire Farms of Florida imported the first birds from Germany. They brought a shipment from an unrelated bloodline into the United States again in 2013. That was just before the USDA banned the import of all poultry into the country from abroad in 2014. Unless that ban is lifted sometime in the future, these two groups of birds that Paul Bradshaw of Greenfire Farms brought here are our only source of foundation stock. This makes Bielefelders an extremely rare breed. I purchased my original birds via fertile hatching eggs. I procured animals from both the 2011 and the 2013 imports. I made a point to buy eggs from breeders across the country, not only in the South, but on the West and East coast as well. I selected birds from various hatches to use as my foundation line. I believe the genetics are here in my flock to give Bielefelders in America a real chance to establish a strong breed. It is up to poultry fanciers like me (and maybe you?) to use our animal husbandry skills to select and breed these magnificent chickens for future generations to come. We truly have a ground floor opportunity with Bielefelders. Not since I was a kid in 4H have I been so excited about the fun and potential of working with this unique and deserving breed of poultry. Keeping Bielefelders for me so far has been a real hoot…..if you are into this sort of thing anyway! I repeat, I LOVE these birds!
I keep my birds in a tight ratio of 1 rooster to 4 hens, so as you can imagine, I get EXCELLENT fertility.
Even if you are not into animal genetics and selective breeding like I am, I think that Bielefelder chickens will become your favorites, like they are mine! They can be an excellent choice for your homestead or Urban Chicken project. Your kids will have them all tamed and named as pets in short order. And if that doesn’t keep you hooked on Bielefelders, the abundant supply of big brown organic eggs will. If you have to choose one breed to keep for all purposes, Bielefelders should be at the top of your list. They truly are an unrivaled fit for the self sustaining flock.
I have shipped eggs through the mail many times before. So I know how to pack them in order that they arrive in one piece. (Just check out my feedback from my previous satisfied customers!) But as extra insurance for you, I will include an extra egg (or two if the girls cooperate) to cover the possibility of unforeseen damage in the mail. If the unthinkable does happen, contact me immediately. You will find me to be a very reasonable person to deal with and I will try hard to work things out for you. Eggs will arrive clean, but I do not wash the eggs. Washing destroys the protective barrier that the hen puts on the egg to keep bacteria out. This protects the embryo inside. However I do clean them with a dry brush.
It is important that you pay for your eggs QUICKLY after the auction ends. It is in YOUR best interest that I get the eggs in the mail as soon as possible. Remember that you will need to let the eggs set pointy side down for 24 hours BEFORE placing them in your incubator.
A NOTE ABOUT INCUBATORS: I have used various models over four decades of hatching eggs on and off. Still air units to models with fans. Table top models to expensive cabinet ones. Wafers to electronic thermostats. Turned ‘em by hand myself, used automatic turners, even let broody hens do the hard labor. You name it. All methods have pros and cons, and EVERYBODY has an opinion about what works best. The one thing I do know is that I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER YOUR INCUBATOR OR YOUR HATCHING PRACTICES. So please leave me feedback based on the condition of the eggs at arrival and my communications dealing with your order. I can not be held responsible for your hatch.
A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING EGGS IN THE MAIL: It is always better to buy your fertile hatching eggs locally and handle them yourself. However, this is not always possible. I have on occasion, had to turn to the internet to find the exact breed, color, or variety of bird that I am looking for. (This was my dilemma when I decided that I wanted to try my hand at keeping Bielefelders). There are always added risks involved in shipping eggs. The biggest obstacle is The United States Postal Service. It is not necessarily that the eggs arrive broken, but that they arrive SHAKEN. I will clearly mark your eggs as FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE. However much of today’s modern postal service is operated through the use of machines, conveyances, and conveyor belts. Those machines do not read the warning labels.
The biggest risk to your eggs is the formation of “saddle air sacks” due to too much shaking going on. Research this on the internet and you will find that saddle sacks can allow the embryos to develop, but cause difficulty with hatching due to the transition between deriving oxygen from the yolk sack to breathing with their lungs at the time of the hatch.
Due to these inherent risks of shipping eggs, which is out of my control, I CAN NOT be held responsible for the success of your hatch.
However, having said that, I personally have shipped many eggs through the mail system and had what I consider reasonable and expected hatch rates. As a matter of fact, I am happy to offer these Bielefelder eggs for sale BECAUSE I received eggs shipped through the mail myself. I would have NEVER been able to obtain these rare chickens locally. For this I owe my thanks to the USPS.
I would encourage you to have your eggs held at the Post Office for Pick UP. This eliminates the final delivery leg in a hot/cold or over packed mail truck. If you would like, I can mark your eggs HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR PICK UP. Just include your phone number and a note with these instructions with your PayPal payment. NOTE: it is important that during the Winter season, that you pay attention to the weather conditions in your area BEFORE bidding on my hatching eggs. Winter storms and predicted temperature forecasts must be taken into consideration BEFORE bidding. If conditions warrant on my end, I will surround your eggs in Styrofoam and/or include a heat pack to protect these delicate live embryos. Beyond that I can not be responsible Winter shipping variables.
NOTE ABOUT WINTER/EARLY SPRING EGG AVAILABILITY: Although I sell and ship hatching eggs year round (been doing it for years), there is always an increased interest in eggs when Spring truly kicks in and the weather turns nice again. Many folks look to set eggs during this season and postpone their egg purchases until the buds appear on the trees.
Please realize that this might not only be your thought process, BUT IT IS MINE ALSO! That is when I will be excitedly re-firing up my GQF Sportsman 1502 incubator and setting eggs for my own 2021 hatching season.
In past years, I have found that right about the time egg demand and auction bidding gets rocking, is EXACTLY the time that I have fewer eggs available to offer for sale to the public.
You know what they say about the Early Bird and the Worm thing…...
Consequently, in order to avoid disappointment, it might be prudent for you to seriously consider my Winter/Early Spring egg auctions while the getting’ is good. Just sayin’…..
Above all, leave me feedback based on the condition of the eggs at arrival and my communications dealing with your order. Please DO NOT leave feedback based in whole or part on the outcome of the hatch.
Good Luck on the auction….and Good Luck with your hatch!

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