Carved Lady Warrior Silver Earring EJ900070

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CARVED LADY WARRIOR SILVER EARRING EJ900070 EJ900070 (+) Stone Properties *Name Ribbon Jasper *Dimension 57x18x4 mm (2.244x0.709x0.157 inch ) *Weight 30 ct/ 6 g/ 0.211644 oz *Shape Lady Warrior *Metal 925 Silver *Locality unknown *Appearance opaque *Color coffee-greenish and purple strip - orbicular patterns *Mohs Hardness 7 *Source Natural *Treatments None *Drilled YES diameter 2.5/36-3/36 inch *Other Names Banded Jasper Jasperine Ribbon Jasper Striped Jasper
As technology advances each day .... The CNC Router manufacturing process finally gets matured for stone carving in recent years . It is a way that the computer software controls a mechanical arm holding the drill bit to go with the designed toolpath that can be given by a artist through variety of 3D software. It is virtually the same as hand carving by human . However comparing to human's hand carving the biggest advantage of the CNC machine is it can produce very fine carving curve with detailed artful expression thus a lot more very well defined curves can be achieved per square inch on the stone. The arm and hand never got tired and shaky they are always accurate. We have seen many of these new stunning beads listed here. The well controlled height of the bead layers according to the color of the stone have made the art work so dramatic that they deserve to be an item for collection . The overall quality makes you feel it is a piece of fine jewelry with high class other than a crafted component.~~~~~~~~~~We carefully selected the layered or banded Agate and Jasper from the raw stone to make the final character outstanding from the background . In the end each surface and edge of the beads are polished more smoother than ever before. The 3rd picture of ebay listing shows one piece of polished slab plus one bead from the same raw stone. Design and Carving process are still very time consuming . One piece of fine bead still takes long time to ne made when we add up the time on each manufacture and design stage together . So we have limited quantity each week for listing And you will not see the same one again since the patterns of color as natural stone never repeat themselves Like many years ago we started the hand carved style pendant beads on the market We are again the very first to adventure into this promising land. You have to see it to believe it.~~~~~~~~~~~
Feel free to feedback our new product. Your advice and idea are highly appreciated.
(+) Each step of our Lapidary work is under tight quality control . With the best pattern-color combination possible in mind the initial cut was done by experienced lapidary ... The last-step diamond polishing makes the surface of each bead/cab mirror-like glossy that meet the highest standard possible. Finally only those met all quality requirements are selected.
(+) Pictures are taken under light. Each item is enlarged 3-5 times to display the color and pattern details (some also angled) . Stones with transparent or semi-transparent property display its color mixed with background so we take pictures with both white and black background as your reference. Colors in above description are general. Each stone may come with more or less colors as each picture shown.
(+) you will receive the same piece as pictured. Our beads/cabs are 100% natural (unless otherwise stated) .We carry over hundred kinds of gems and semi-gems .Some rare beauties come one time only they were made from old-stock rough. We also carry our own artisan carving jewelry like ring - necklace - bracelet. We appreciate your business and comments
Thanks for your visit. !"
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