Carved Wooden Figure of a Man Curled into a Ball

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Type 3D STL Model

Material Wood

Subject Figures, Men, Novelty, People

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Carved Wooden Figure of a Man Curled into a Ball. This carved figure is 3.5 inched in diameter. (doesn't take up much room on a shelf) I do not remember where I got this. It looks like a muscular guy in a Sumo “mawashi," the heavy cloth waist and groin wrap used by the Japanese wrestlers. Could this be a Japanese guy? I don't know. It looks like the fellow is holding his head in his hands. Is he crying in sorrow after having lost a match? Or is he crying for winning a match or perhaps that his girl accepted his proposal? Or that his child has been lost....or found. Maybe he just got something in his eyes and is washing it out with some warm water. It can be on your shelf or coffee table and the start of a discussion about what is going on with this guy. If you have a new date or acquaintance,you can ask him or her what they think is going on with this guy. I think a wonderful discussion of emotions might ensue. To me this carving it is quite beautiful and clever. I have enjoyed it on my office shelf for years. It's craftsmanship and beauty has given me much pleasure. I am downsizing and this fellow needs a loving home and to give someone else pleasure. Are you that person? If so, I would like you to have it.

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