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Listing type Chinese

Location Douglas, Arizona 85607 US

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Bids 2

Seller ruralland (879)

Seller rating 100% positive feedback

Zip//Postal Code 85607

Property Address Lot 789 Via Vacio Dr-Douglas, Az

State/Province Arizona

Seller State Of Residence New York

Zip/Postal Code 85607

Zoning Residential

City Douglas

Type Homesite, Lot

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This statement is from a recent buyer currently cultivating and living on their lot in Douglas. You will see the Kelly family in many videos in this ad, our other ads and all over youtube.
''When I saw our property listed on Ebay I knew I had to have it. 1/5th of an acre and thanks to Jason the seller at RURALLAND it was affordable.
Clean air, great climate, safer than living in a city, beautiful sunsets, amazing stargazing, close to an Official Mexican border crossing,
this land poised for investment returns all in a well planned subdivision.
I plan using my lot to create a Desert Permiculture Food Forest, amongst other things.
We were on our land in Cochise College Estates when we saw Jason from RuralLand ( was selling a property about 1/8 mile from us and volunteered to take some current pictures of it for him. One thing led to another and he started paying us to take pictures of his properties and mark the corners, it was a blessing because it gave us gas money to get into town and put water into our Motorhome.
Jason does not pay us to write good things about him or his land. We like him, we like his properties, we need to support him because he makes it possible for those of us who have different priorities in life to have a place to do things that are REALLY important and not have to be mindless drones all the time.
Michael and Deborah Kelly - Cochise College Estates lot# 656
A family of 5, living full time in a motor home since March 2011
Michael Kelly
APN# 40772105
Let us help fulfill your retirement and investment needs | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 516-643-4194
Website: click here
We accept zelle, paypal, money orders, certified checks and your personal checks.)
Warranty deed guaranteeing clear title.
Actual Photos1)Looking at lot 789 for sale
2)Entrance to this subdivision
3)Kelly family(people who took pictures for us) on each corner.
4) other actual photos
A few maps with the gps coordinates of the lot 31.427636 -109.533575
This is a video of the Kelly family who live nearby in College estates. They built up there lot as you will see in this video and purchased it as well from us. They also took the photos and videos in this ad and gave us all the details on the land!
> You can now park your RV(RV camp sites near lot ) and also take advantage of the Douglas Golf Course amenities while you visit and attend your lot until you are ready for something a little more permanent! The greatness of the lot is it's privacy yet you are not entirely secluded as you are close to the main road that goes North and South (Leslie Canyon) and in the Northern part of subdivision are permanent dwellings)
> Click on this link for more info below and the phone number for more info.
> The lot for sale is in the Douglas, Cochise College Park area. Currently there is in a ''new age'' type of mentality for land owners in this growing community. There is a community of homes in this subdivision and many other areas of Douglas. Many new people as you will read later in this ad are exploring alternate ways of green living and joining the ''permaculture'' movement. We have many more lots here. Feel free to contact us as we have provided contact info in several parts of this ad.
> The lot was seen on June 11, 2018.It is flat and buildable has native vegetative growth (edible Yucca and useful mesquite bushes), very little sand and are not in a flood zone. It was driven on by a 12,000 lb RV. They are accessible in any type vehicle.
> There are a number of attractions in Douglas of cultural and historic interest that include the infamous Gadsden Hotel, the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot, the Douglas-Williams House Museum, the historic Business and Residential districts, and Church Square. 10 minutes from your lot are amenities such as grocery stores, gas stations, Holiday Inn's, McDonald's, Walmart, libraries and churches. The potential for growth in Douglas is off the charts.
> Please ask any questions you have about the lot or subdivision. We are happy to assist you.
> County: Cochise
> Town: Douglas
> Subdivision: COCHISE COLLEGE PARK 6 LOT 789
> Parcel and Lot Numbers: Location-
> Parcel # 406-23-239- GPS COORDINATES- 31.427636 -109.533575
> Lot Size: - (6000 SQ. FT) 100' x 60'
> Lot is zoned: MH 72
> No Homeowner Fees!-Not in any association!
> Property Taxes: less than $10 per year-paid and current-buyer will be responsible to pay the 2019 tax roll and forward years.( mo back tax owed!)
> Utilities Available: off grid lot. Ideally, this lot is for the true off grid life style. For power we recommend solar or wind. Sewer/septic -Water can be hauled from Maddux and Son's in town or closer to the border you can get unlimited water.
> There are homes everywhere in this subdivision in the immediate vicinity of the lot. Here's your chance to get a nice lot in Douglas with all utilities at or near the lot. People are extremely friendly here. When visiting the area after making your lot purchase you can ask neighbors or folks in town what resources they are using!
Below are maps and photos at or near the lot in the subdivision
On the lot with lot details on chalkboard
NW corner of lot and edible Yucca tree
RURALLAND USA LLC backs up our word on all our Cochise County lots.
Here are thirteen reasons you should buy this lot or any other Douglas lot from RURALLAND USA LLC and what you get by buying this lot;
Our lots in Douglas will give you peace of mind for the duration of your ownership. All have been thoroughly, driven to, examined and walked on by area by an area resident. This lot for sale, like our others here, is not in a flood zone and has rich vegetative growth, which is what you should be looking for when buying a lot in this area.
(1) Deeded land. ( No homeowner's fees, CCR's or banks)
(2) Affordable cost of living (Utilities and food costs)
(3) Off grid and farm ranch driven population
(4) ''No hurry'' atmosphere
(5) No light pollution by ordinance. One of a kind star gazing.
(6) This state has the most publicly owned land, both federal and state including the Grand Canyon and the Karchner Caverns. The area is known as a bird watching paradise and hunting for deer, elk and bear is common.
(7)Border access to '' duty free items,'' as well as high standard, medical, eye and dental services.
(8) Open carry gun laws and year round hunting.
(9) Proposed expanded border, with deep water port and area economic development funding as well as commercial tax incentives.
(10) Rich south western history. How about fantastic weather. (Ideal for you snowbirds)
(11) The lot is accessible in ANY vehicle
(12) If you decide to purchase or want to visit the lot our client (living in Cochise College Park 9) will personally show you to the lot. Going out to Douglas and looking for the lot can be a little unnerving. No trampling thru other lots to find yours as our client will guide you to the lot and leave out the ''guess work''. This is free.
(13) Douglas, although near the border of Mexico, has one of the lowest rates of crime in the State. The parks are clean and immaculate.
ANOTHER land purchaser who lives on one of our lots in Douglas had this to say about Douglas;
Douglas is very safe. We have a newspaper, comes out once a week on Wednesdays. The Douglas Dispatch, you can find it online. The parks and streets are spotless! Prisoners work the city detail, and I mean spotless. We have many parks all impeccable. It is a sleepy ghost town with old buildings and a pretty cool history. A giant Walmart right on the border and people love having a Walmart around. The zoning is lenient which is desired by the preppers and permaculture movements. I see potential. Preppers and permaculturists have a great future here.
The permaculture movement consists of people who are building earth homes, going off grid, urban farming, and a perfect target for college park. My vision here is gardens, trees, and bird baths. Another big thing is tiny houses. College park 9 would also fit well in that sector.
Two google maps with short driving distances from Tucson and even better from Bisbee.
View Larger Map
When the Kelly family (living in their RV on lot 656 purchased from us in Cochise College Est in Douglas) went into the town of Douglas a few days ago they sent me the below photos.
There's a lovely park, a church, Walmart, food market, laundromat and other stores.
There is a tremendous upside potential for appreciation here as most of the developed areas in Southeast Arizona are “full” with zero growth policies.. Cochise College Park is already laid out as a development ready to go. As this area grows so will the value of your lot.
Good Reasons To Own Land
* Land ownership is a safe investment for your portfolio because it tends to accrue in value over time. It is not subject to huge losses in depreciation.
* Land is or will always be desired in times of economic boom or bust. This makes it a good long term investment.
* Possible tax benefits.
* Land is not subject to vandalism and does not require maintenance, i.e. no tenant problems, no repairs, no utility bills, no painting or plumbing problems.
* You don't need to live near your land to reap the benefits of being a land owner.
Links of interest
explore bird watching in Cochise County
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Terms and Conditions of Sale
** Serious Bidders Only ** CASH SALE AUCTION!! $ 555 START BID PLUS NO DOCUMENT FEE! we accept zelle, paypal, certified, bank or personal check, credit cards.
Only bidder at $555 then only $555 due. Please send your contact info and deed info to us after you bid by ebay message or call us at 5166434194.
Warranty deed guaranteeing clear title.
Pictures in this ad are yours too!
Ruralland does not do credit checks. There are no bank qualifications.. Please have funds ready to buy and do not bid if you are uncertain about this purchase. Thank you. Anyone who bids is required to submit their name, address, phone number and email address. Deed vestment information is essential if you place a bid. Thanks for understanding. We promise that you will see a speedy, smooth, amicable and pleasant transaction. If you place a bid on this land you are acknowledging that you have read the entire ad, understand the terms and are ready to pay after the auction closes.
Since we do not know your intentions for this land (investment, building, resale, etc.), and as with any transaction, please use due diligence. Due diligence should include, but is not limited to, your physical inspection of the property, research of the property, and checking county and state requirements to make sure the parcel you are purchasing is suited for your personal intended use.
All properties are sold “as-is” and information contained in this listing has come from very reliable sources, MULTIPLE SITE VISITS with the last one on June , 2019. The area, subdivision and lot(s) were seen. Information is accurate and to the best of our knowledge. We make no guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the condition, location, accessibility, terrain or information contained in this listing. We are here to assist you. Please ask all questions prior to bidding.
Please be advised that once you make a bid it is a commitment to purchase whether you are outbid or not. People tend to cancel bids, things happen this does not mean your bid does not count anymore. Our feeling is when you bid on real estate you want the item and want it sooner then later. So please message us or call 516 -43-4194 for questions or to have us end the auction early for you.
Questions? We are here to assist you.
Please ebay message here or call 516-643-4194
Thank you,
Jason Kaplan
Ruralland Usa LLC.
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