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I present to you a Demonic companion summoning ring. Summoning Demonic entities is serious. Do not conjure demons if you are not prepared for them. There will be strange and unexplainable happenings around you. Paranormal activity and even scratches may happen. Things you don't understand will occur by wearing this ring. If you are not experienced, I do not recommend this vessel because it has been used in a ritual to bind a demon companion to you.
Demons are very unknown entities that have existed since time began and they are still in our world today just because you cant see them does not mean they dont exist. They understand all languages and can be very beneficial if you know how to work with them and respect them. Ask for hemp and demons can bring you things like wealth, control, and influence.
The Demon bound to this ring is named Barkamun.. He will make his presence known in your home at night you will be of transluscent black mass and formless shape that appears within the blackness of the night. You may hear strange noises. He may even make physical contact with you by scratches or dreams or visions and You will feel this energy just by holding or wearing this ring.
Barkamun was bound during a Black Magick ritual and a kind of ritual is very dangerous is mistaken. We contacted him by book summoning just by wearing the ring he has caused people to avoid me. People have an innate sense for demons. But, he may draw vulnerable people to you. This power can be used for good or evil. It is your choice. You may manipulate anyone you want.
The ring is a SIZE 8, but can be carried or worn around your neck as well. It will be bound specifically to you if you decide to wear it. The invocation used to bind the demon to only 1 individual and will be broken if another attempts to use the power. With the power of this entity, you will feel more confident and assertive, your dark side will become more pronounced, and you will be able to convince people of things you never thought possible!
This item You may or may not have any experience with not everyone is the same. This Ring does NOT guarantee You will experience something or changes.There is absolutely NO refunds or returns on the ring once you have already purchased the ring all sales are final. Please buy at your own risk. This item is sold as freedom of religion and expression.

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