F*ckComcast.com - your read that correctly!  Asterisk is to comply with ebay 

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F uckCOMCAST.com
The spaces between the letters is only there to comply with eBay profanity policy.
Yes folks - I am selling the domain name F UCKCOMCAST.COM after having owned it since 2006. I purchased the name out of frustration. The site was wildly popular for many years, made it into wikipedia, and routinely got hundreds of posts daily.
Why am I selling it? - I now have Verizon fiber and no longer care about the Comcast service.
Why did I buy it in the first place? - I had a simple problem. I signed up for $99 triple play. I never did get the deal. I logged over 15 hours of my time trying to get it resolved - they never did. Out of frustration, I simply bought the name in order to get their attention. Funny thing is that after all these years, I never received one phone call or letter (from Comcast) about the domain name.
Why did we take the site down? - Simply because the site got too big, language on the posts got pretty nasty, and I don't have time to keep up with it. You can check out archive(dot)org to see what the site looked like.
Winner MUST HAVE A GODADDY ACCOUNT. We will initiate domain transfer (push) to your account upon cleared payment.
Naturally, this is for the domain name only, and not the web site, hosting, or otherwise.

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