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The Platinum Trophy for full completion of Dark Souls Remastered on Playstation 4, earned legitimately on your account within 3 days of confirmation. Lost your save, missed a weapon, or simply don't have time to do it yourself? Whatever the reason, let me save you the trouble.
There are no hacks or save file edits involved, I simply log in to your account and earn all trophies on a single character using a route I've designed for efficiency. Most runs can be completed in roughly 12 hours total. I allow myself 3 days to account for real life, unforeseen delays, and my own sanity. I will go over all details with you ahead of time and send you a summery of your run after it is completed.
What I am offering:
* The platinum trophy, which requires all 40 other trophies being completed, on your real PSN account with no strings attached.
* Completed within 3 days from confirmation.
* You do not need to own Dark Souls Remastered, I provide my own copy.
What I am NOT offering:
* I am NOT selling the game itself physically, digitally, or otherwise.
* I can't give any credit for trophies you've already earned as the platinum requires most of the same effort done in a single save file.
* The character I create may be available to you through cloud storage afterwards but I make no assurances about the state they are left in.
Safety Notice: Earning trophies on your account requires me to have your real PSN login and password. I will not use it for anything other than playing the game but for your own peace of mind I recommend taking steps to ensure it can't be misused:
* Activate your own PS4 as your primary machine.
* Do NOT link a credit card or PayPal to your account.
* After our business is concluded change your password to prevent anyone else logging in with it.
* If you use two factor authentication I recommend disabling it for the duration only because it requires extra coordination for me to log in, but afterwards reenabling it is a good idea.
* Check your email and account history to confirm no purchases or changes to your account have been made without your knowledge.

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