1943 Dated WW2 USGI Manual FM 23-5 Rifle M1 Garand .30 Cal. 365 Pages

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Finally, we can offer for sale the most classic USGI WW2 Field Manual on the .30 Cal M-1 Garand that has ever been printed!!!!!!!! FM 23-5 (RESTRICTED) From the War Department and dated 30 July 1943. This classic pocket sized manual has 363 pages!!!! plus in the rear you will find the 1 December 1944 six page update. No one until now has ever had this manual reprinted because of the large number of pages and drawings. This is not some cheep photo copy!!!!!!!!!! We went to a professional printing company (that does several hundred books a year) with an original copy, in which after much care they have made a perfect, ultra hight quality reprint that looks better than the original they started with!!! This manual looks just like it came off the printing presses in 1943 and is an exact copy of the one issued to our troops during WW2. Just imagine how many troops stormed the beaches at Normandy with this manual. The paper, the print, the binding, the drawings and the cover are just fantastic!!!! If you own a WW2 Garand you will love this manual!!!!! Our manual is 4 1/2" by 6 1/2", 363 pages long plus the 6 page 1944 update and has many drawings, charts and graphs covering how to use and care for the Garand in great detail. Every major part of the Garand is broken and shown in detail. Great care is given on how to best employ the rife in the field. Our manual is broken down into the following chapters: 1. Mechanical Training: General, Dissassembly and assembly, Care and cleaning, Functioning, Operation, Immediate action and stoppages, Spare parts, Appendages and accessories, Instruments, Ammunition. 2. Marksmanship-known distance targets and transition firing, Marksmanship training, Qualification courses, Range Practice, Equipment, Targets, Range precautions, Small bore parctrice. 3. Marksmanship with moving ground targets, Vehicles, Personnel 4. Marksmanship with aerial targets, Nature of aerial targets for rifle, Technique of fire, Miniature range practice, Towed targets, and radio controlled airplane targets, Antiaircraft ranges and equipment. 5. Technique of fire and rifle squad, General, Range estimation, Target designation, Rifle fire and its effects, Application of fire, Landscape-target firing, Field-target firing, Destruction of ordnance material. 6. Advice to instructors, General, Mechanical training, Marksmanship-known distance, Aerial targets, Techniques, Safety precautions. Without a doubt this is the Bible on the M1 Garand!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the poor quality E-bay picture, I assure you the cover is bright, sharp and the correct cream yellow color. WE ALSO HAVE REPRINTED FM 23-7 on the M1 Carbine with the same quality. Buyer must pay for shippig. The cost of shipping this item will be $6.45 (within the lower 48 United States).
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