A Degree in a Book: Cosmology: Everything You Need to Know to Master the

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Format Paperback / softback, 256 pages

Recommended Age Range 12+ years

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_A_ _Degree in a Book: Cosmology_ is the perfect introduction to cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics. Written by one of NASA's leading astronomers and educators, this book provides you with the essential foundations for understanding the science behind the universe we live in.
It will help you answer questions such as:
- How do we know the universe is expanding?
- What is the theory of relativity?
- How does the Higgs mechanism work?
- What is dark matter?
Filled with helpful diagrams, suggestions for further reading and easily digestible history sections, this book makes it easier than ever to understand the workings of the universe. Featuring the most important ideas in the field, including the Theory of Relativity, the Standard Model, Loop Quantum Gravity, and Supersymmetry, it covers the whole breadth of cosmology.

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