Essential Mathematics Proved by Paul Marlton

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The title 'Essential Mathematics Proved' is a precise summary of the book as it deals with mainstream maths and proves it. This book will be useful for maths teachers, 'A' level students, undergraduates, adults with a scientific interest, those who did not keep up with maths while at school, those who wish to refresh maths learnt in earlier years. The content is based on areas of maths which I have found useful during my working life as an electrical design engineer. Theorems, formulas and rules are stated first, and then proved or derived with sufficient detail to make the steps easy to follow. The style is straightforward, being neither simple nor high brow. Nevertheless, the proofs are rigorous. There is strict adherence to conventional notation. Only prior basic knowledge of arithmetic by the reader is necessary. Summary The book begins with an elementary chapter called 'Foundations' which includes - Mathematical notation; Pythagoras' Theorem; Linear and Quadratic Equations; Elementary Trigonometry. Most of this chapter will already be known by those with a sound maths background. There follows a short chapter on the 'Binomial Theorem and Binomial Series' which are cornerstones of Calculus and Statistics. On the subject of Calculus, chapter headings are - Motion and Elementary Calculus; Differentiation; Exponential and Hyperbolic Functions; Integration. Taylor's Theorem leads to proofs of the Binomial Series and Expansions of Trigonometric and Logarithmic Functions. Differential Equations are considered, firstly elementarily, and secondly using Laplace Transforms. Complex numbers are introduced and used for solutions of Linear Second Order Differential Equations. Complex numbers simplify maths when calculating electrical circuit Frequency Responses, called Bode plots. For a simple electrical circuit, Frequency Responses and Time Responses are shown graphically. A chapter on Plane Geometry shows properties of common plane figures. This is followed by a chapter on Conic Sections : - Ellipse; Hyperbola and Parabola. Principles of Static Forces (forces within or acting upon stationary objects) and Dynamics (study of moving objects) are given for commonly encountered problems. The book concludes with chapters on - Gaming Theory and Statistics; Determinants and Matrices; Derivation of Compound Angle Formulas; Leibnitz Theorem; Fourier Waveforms. The body of the book has 269 pages, a Summary chapter of 83 pages and Contents and Index sections.

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