Evil Hand Spiritual Bound Demonic Dybbuk Box Of Excercismus Daemonius - Active

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Evil Hand Spiritual Bound Demonic Dybbuk Box Of Excercismus Daemonius
CAUTION: this is an extreme paranormal occult item, read carefully before purchasing
* Active Supernatural Family Heirloom of Rabbi Saul Rosenblum ( I do not wish to keep this around! )
This box is active, with a very dark and foul demon trapped inside!
Dimensions of Dybbuk Demon Box :
Length 10 inches,
Height 5 inches,
Width 6 inches
* a very strange occult pendant is sealed to the front. It has strange little bells hanging from it.
* Has a strange hand on the top, said to be part of the 'binding' ritual. The figure is supposedly charged with the breath of Yeshua
Do not open! - This box was used in a Judaic exorcism to trap an ancient demon!
Rabbi Rosenblum, was an adament Judaic Scholar od ancient demonology and Master of Excorcisms. His Great Great Nephew told me that he performed hundreds of deadly excorcisms back in the late 1920's, near the mexican border.
Rabbi Rosenblum's descendants idolize him in his accomplishments. They have written a complete step by step manual on casting out demons. These documents were kept highly secretive, but I was told that their passed down research pre-dates the time of Christopher Columbus. Supposedly a compilation of persian & hebrew texted documents passed down by the highest of the high, in the Israelitish practices.
Rabbi Rosenblum, when performing exorcisms, would cast a demon out and command it by special syllable words and Armaic phrases of certain pitch or tones. This would enable an exercising Rabbi to lull or subdue a demon before it could kill it's host. The demons always seem to like to taunt and get the Rabbis scared, in hopes to let fear overcome, allowing the demon to possess even a more experienced Yiddish Magician. Rabbi Rosenblum was documented to have been a living example of this. The Rosenblum family claims that Rabbi Solomon Rosenblum became Possessed during the ritual of this very box. In fact, he saved a child's life in the nick of time but, soon after, the demon lodged it's self inside of Rabbi Rosenblum.
This story is very popular among the Rosenblum family and they shared explicit details associated with this Dybbuk box.
Apparently, after the Rabbi casted the demon out of a poor child, he slid this box under the bed of the child. It was a common method, to position the box before the demon could rationalize what was taking place. Unfortunately, the other Rabbis underestimated the strengths of this particular demon and ceased their reading ritual. One man was already passed out on the floor. Thinking they had the battle won and letting their guards down, the demon sprang out from under the bed and tripped Rabbi Rosenblum. - I was told that when he got back on his feet, his eyes had turned completely yellow and that he attacked the other Rabbis and apprentices...he tried to throw one of them out of the window. After the room was completely torn apart, the remaining men had to perform another exorcism to save Rabbi Rosenblum. Finally, his life was saved and the demon was finally bound into this Holy Cursed Dybbuk box.
The waxy like material on the box was used for sealing it. The Rosenblum family claims that the box has haunted them their entire lives but that it has become more severe as the years have passed. They claim to have seen a witch, associated with the box. They testify that, as time passes, 'the witch' has become more and more terrifying.
I was told by the family, that she steals life away from them, everytime they see her & they pray to Yahweh, hourly to deliver the evil away from them. The Rosenblums claim that the witch has bitten their toes in their sleep and has been stealing their milk.
They are afraid to bury the box or just toss it somewhere because they do not want to provoke the powers surrounding this Dybbuk Vessel. This is why I was contacted, to assure that this vessel is handled properly, never provoked and never opened!
Upon first seeing the box, it made me breathless and dizzy. As I used my EMF reader, not only did I constantly detect high amounts of electro-magnetic frequencies, but my protection ring became so hot to the touch that I had to take it off in a hurried panic. It even singed my knuckle as I slid it off. When I finally touched the box, I was shocked at how cold it felt.
After making the purchase, I bade the Rosenblum family a thankful and hearty farewell.
* Now in my possession, this Dybbuk box has brought many supernatural occurences with it. I have seen a white & smokey-looking apparition around the box, several times. After taking photos, i even heard it scoot on its own and hit the wall. For the last two nights, something keeps slamming the bathroom door and then, seems to shake and tug on the shower curtain. When I check the bathroom, nothing is there. Now I don't even bother checking. After thinking it over, I really don't want to fully and visually see whatever is associated with this vessel.
* The Demon seems to have a limited power, but causes poltergeist-class hauntings. With so much power, I dread the thought of it being completely freed from the Dybbuk Box!
Never open it!
Please, I implore you > Do not purchase this box unless you are highly educated in Theology & or skillfully practiced in Demonology. Have a translator of ancient languages present, if you begin communicating with this Demon. Never open and do not unseal the Wax or tamper with the stone.
*Must be 18 years or older to purchase!
**I am required as per eBay's policy on the sale of paranormal items, this is for the sale of a tangible item only, no promise of a spirit attached. EBay requires me to say that this is for entertainment purposes only** May God be with you!

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