Fine Porcelain Tea/Coffee Set Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

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Material Porcelain

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Very Cute fine porcelain mug in excellent quality.
Composition and approximate capacities:
1 PC * Tea/Coffee Pot 1000 ml (35 oz)
4 PC * mug 250 ml (8.8 oz)
Dishwasher & Microwave safe.
Made of non-toxic materials, safe for foods.
Gift box packing. The handcrafted gift boxes are in very good quality, can be used as trinket boxes.
The Bodhisattva characteristics of china:
* ENDURANCE. To turn into fine china, the ceramic materials have to go through most of the following processing steps that differ depending on the shape,required properties, and decoration of the final product: grinding, stirring, rolling, throwing, pressing, extruding, casting, drying, carving, painting, biscuit firing, cooling, glaze firing, decal firing, gold firing,etc. Normally the glaze firing temperature for fine china is as high as 1310~1400℃ (2390~2552ºF). The decal-firing temperature is usually above 800℃(1472ºF). Fine china is born from its relentlessly endurance. The sintering temperature of some ceramic products which are used for aerospace industry can be as high as 1800℃(3272ºF).
* NON-ATTACHMENT. High temperature firing causes very high densification and wholly impermeable. After high temperature firing, the ordinary clay turned into fine china which is comparable to jade. It can be a plate, a tea pot, a bowl, a vase or a cup.... When a cup is used to drink coffee, tea, milk, juice or wine, it will not absorb any of them. Coffee can not make it black, milk can not make it white, juice can not make it sour or sweet, wine can not make it intoxicant or infatuated, it's in perfect stillness without attachment like a Bodhisattva.
* PERMANENCE. Some ancient chinaware, they were buried in deep ocean or dark underground for hundreds or thousands of years,they are not corroded or tarnish. They are corrosion and tarnish proof as pure gold and gem diamond. Once a piece of china is made, it stays there, never convert to other substance. Just like a Bodhisattva who has attained the nirvana of no dwelling, no return to the six divisions in the wheel of karma.
* GIVING. Fine china is made of clay, feldspar,limestone,quartz, plant ash, water, etc., all these materials are given by the generous nature.The ingredients are always there,only waited for the human wisdom to discover the recipe to turn them into fine china. Being a gift from the nature, as well as a product of human wisdom, being the first global commodity, china has benefited myriad people, whether they are old or young, women or men, poor or rich,Easterners or Westerners. Contemporary people may not feel the benefit of chinaware as much as the people lived a few centuries ago. As per the Pilgrim Art - the Culture of Porcelain in World History by Mr.Robert Finlay, _in the 16th century, most people(in Europe)still used trenchers of wood and bread, as well as drinking cup made from horn and ash wood. In England, unglazed earthenware mugs replaced"black jacks",tankards made from leather coated with pitch, only in the late 16th century. _Nowadays chinaware are very common, affordable by almost every family, thus do not make us feel benefited. This coincides with what's taught in the Vajra Sutra: _a Bodhisattva should not dwell anywhere when he gives. _

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