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I'm not sure who the artist is here, but I'm as impressed as hell with the caliber of work displayed in this unusual work of art. this is actually a work of art created by engraving in wood and then applying color in select areas bounded by the incisions. The subject appears to be a shaman, perhaps. well, it's definitely a musician. or quite possibly it is God, as the song he is playing seems to be producing a world. It may be a depiction of a Creator God playing the universe into existence as music. There is a fantasia of visual themes running across and around and through the body of a bull. Spanish?this work measures 11.5 in by 9.5 in. I cannot translate the writing on the reverse of this. Maybe you will let me know what it says? This really feels like a work of art in every way equal to the best ones produced by the surrealists when they worked in this modality of line play. It sort of reminds me of Andre Masson. I wish I knew who produced this or even in which culture it came to be. Is the writing on the back indicative of the source country, or is it just relating to its sale in that country?

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