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Genshin Impact NA Whale Account (AR 57) Every Character Unlocked.
Retiring from Genshin. Good opportunity for someone to pick up an account with every character unlocked. There's way too much information to type out so if you have any questions for me feel free to ask. Both S-Tier hyper carries Hu Tao and Ganyu are both C6 and both Amos Bow and Staff of Homa are R5. Hu Tao is tripled crowned. They're both fully built in terms of artifacts. Literal easy mode with these two. I've unlocked every character for the sake of collecting them all. Any characters with constellations worth getting I got. Leveled damage dealers to 90/90. Anything level 80 is 80/90. Every weapon worth getting is unlocked. Account has 21,000,000 Mora saved up as well over 5700 Weapon Crystals so you shouldn't have trouble leveling up weapons for quite awhile. Will drop constellation details below since that's probably what values the account the most. Teapot is Level 10 so you don't have to worry about dealing with that hassle. Tons of fragile resin saved up so you can farm whatever you want to farm. Haven't used a single dream solvent so you can use them to level whatever talents you want to level. 885/886 of those artifacts in the screenshot are 5 star artifacts so you don't have any shortage of upgrade material. I've also been buying the artifact level up potions from the teapot. Anyway, I don't want to ramble anymore. As mentioned, if you have questions feel free to ask. We can even hop on discord and I can stream the account to you.
5 Star Characters:
C6 – Hu Tao
C6 – Ganyu
C4 – Mona
C4 – Jean
C4 – Qiqi
C3 – Raiden Shogun
C3 – Keqing
C3 – Diluc
C2 – Yoimiya
C2 – Tartaglia
C2 – Klee
C1 – Albedo
C0 – Venti
C0 – Zhongli
C0 – Eula
C0 – Xiao
C0 – Kazuha
C0 – Ayaka
4 Star Characters:
C6 – Ningguang
C6 – Diona
C6 – Xingqiu
C5 – Bennett with 6th Constellation Unlockable
C6 – Fischl
C6 – Barbara
C6 – Noelle
C6 – Sucrose
C6 – Rosaria
C6 – Chongyun
C6 – Sara
C6 – Beidou
C6 – Razor
C6 – Lisa
C6 – Xinyan
C6 – Xiangling
C3 – Amber
C3 – Yanfei
C1 – Kaeya
C0 - Sayu
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