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Brand Greatbear

Model 108"

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* Make: Greatbear
* Model: 108"
* Item Dimensions: 116" L x 9" W x 3" H
* Item Weight: 250 lbs
* Location: Kent, WA 98032 United States
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Equipment Details
* New - unused equipment
* May have scratches and/or paint chipping from transportation & storage
* See photos for details
Heavy-duty, welded steel construction
Black paint
Retaining bolt
Transport Dimensions: 120" L x 32" W x 8" H
Transport Weight: 350 lbs
Extension Length: 108" (9' effective)
Fork Width: 5"
Fork Thickness: 2"
Lift Capacity: 6,600 lbs
Width: 6.25"
Thickness: 1"
Weight: 125 lbs (each)
Quantity: 2
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