Green Hulk Russian Moscow PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female) RARE GUPPIES, LIVE FISH

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Water Temperature Tropical

Temperament Peaceful

Species Guppy

Difficulty Level Beginner

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In this Auction you will be bidding on a Pair of Guppies. 1 Male + 1 Female (4-6 months old) the guppies you will be receiving are identical to the ones in the picture just a little bit younger but colors are showing beautifully like the ones shown in the pictures.
We only Ship fish Monday through Wednesday to prevent fish from sitting at the post office over the weekend. Orders paid after Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.
Your fish will be shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL MEDIUM FLAT RATE BOX. The fish will be double bagged individually and insulated with news paper as well as the box being insulated with a styrofoam liner. Heat packs will be included if needed.
In case of a Dead on Arrival (DOA) please make sure to contact me with pictures of the guppies with in 2 hours of receiving the fish. The pictures should be as follows;
1st picture: Fish in bag UNOPENED
2nd picture : Fish out of the bag on a piece of white paper.
Money will be refunded for Dead on Arrival fish if pictures are as listed above and within the 2 hours of the FIRST ATTEMPTED DELIVERY. Refund will be voided if it’s the second attempt to deliver the order. Please make sure to be able to personally or have some one receive the fish with in the week after ordering.
Refund will be only for the price of the Fish and not for the shipping cost.
Replacements will be done at no cost but you will have to pay for shipping.
Guppies ordered should be acclimated by floating the bag unopened for 25-30 minutes in the tank they are going to be placed in. Once they have been acclimated the guppies must be taken out of the bag as soon as possible from the shipping bag. The easiest way is to pour the water out of the shipping bag onto a Fish net reducing the amount of water that goes from the shipping bag onto the new tank. It is crucial to remove the fish from the bag as soon as possible once open since the ammonia will spike once made contact with the oxygen out of the bag.
Guppies are hardy fish and will eat mostly any food.
We feed them Hikari live bearer food, but will eat flakes and love brine shrimp as well as blood worms wether frozen or dried.
Guppies will thrive in 76F - 82F
If kept in 80F-82F this temperature will be ideal for breeding guppies but you will also have to oxygenate the water with water flow from a filter or air stone. This will also make your Guppies metabolism work faster which will result in more feedings.
Green Hulk Russian Moscow (Pair - 1 Male + 1 Female), RARE GUPPIES, LIVE FISH. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box.

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