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I collect/sell haunted dolls. I mostly collect and work with children spirits and abused females. Also trans spirits as well. I’ve come across a lot of unique spirits and sometimes when they are ready for a new home I put them up here to give someone else a chance to experience them. Please remember these are spirits! They take time to adjust and be comfortable in new settings. I ship Saturday mornings and monday afternoons normally. Due to people not paying I need payment within 3 days of purchase. If there’s any issues or questions feel free to message me.
****per eBay policy I must state you are bidding on a doll and can not guarantee a paranormal experience***** This is Cindy. She was 8 when she passed away. She starved to death. She had been born to very poor parents and she slipped through the cracks. She is a friendly spirit, but a needy one. I’ve felt her tugging on my shirt, she has fallen off the shelf, she slams the door to the room she is in so I will come look. I’ve heard her skipping down my hallway and I’ve seen her blink a few times. Also we have noticed sometimes her cheeks are very red and other times they are not. She does well with spirit board and pendulum. She also communicates through feelings. We have also found her sometimes with food from our pantry. I think she is still holding on to that hunger. She’s a great spirit and I am having a hard time letting her go, but she is ready.
Her vessel has a soft body and plastic limbs. She has brown hair and a cute little hat. She has on a Christmas themed outfit. Her eyes are a beautiful blue that the camera doesn’t pick up well. Her eyes also open and close.

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