IDAHO CITY placer gold mining claim DREDGE SEASON Elk Creek BOISE BASIN nugget

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There are several photos. Please allow them a moment to load, then scroll down. All photos were taken on the claim (unless otherwise noted)
Elk Creek is one of the richest gold producing streams in the Boise Basin, on par with Grimes Creek and More's Creek. You could wait years and never see a placer claim come available here.
The Lucky Find #1 Placer is 20 acres and covers 700-feet of Elk Creek on a curve, giving you two inside bends. A second unnamed stream enters the claim from the northwest.
You're literally surrounded by gold bearing lode veins and rich mines. The famous Elk Horn Mine is a mile upstream. It produced $500,000 in gold by 1868 (about $36-million in today's dollars)
Elk Creek has excellent year round waterflow...
And a generous summertime dredge season (July 15th through Sep 30th). This is the most sought after stretch of Elk Creek (Ross Fork to Eldorado Gulch) because it has the longest dredge season.
Feel free to test pan while the auction runs, but please contact me first for GPS coordinates. I want to make sure you're on the right claim.
If you think the gold in the water is good, check this bench placer. This is unworked ground. High banker or trommel.
The riverbed is brushy in places. I like to have a machete on hand.
In addition to the main channel...
You also have parallel side channels hiding in the brush.
Nice quartz chunk. That's where the gold begins. Because this claim is so close to the lode veins, the gold is quite coarse, as it hasn't traveled far.
Access is 4WD. Nothing difficult. Just narrow and bumpy. You probably could get a small trailer back here, but I'd scout it first.
Decent flat spot off the roadway. Good place to pitch camp.
All corners properly monumented, with a location notice and boundary markers on the roadway.
The remains of small cabin near the southwest corner of the claim. Miners were up here as early as the 1860's. Lots of history and relics on Elk Creek.
The Lucky Find #1 Placer Claim is 20 acres of Forest Service managed land in Boise County, Idaho. Township 7N, Range 6E, Section 30 (E2 of NWNE) Idaho Mining Claim # IMC 228107.
As a Boise resident, I keep a sharp eye on local mining claims and try to be ready when good ground comes available. It's been several years since I've seen anything open-up on Elk Creek and it'll probably be several more years until the next opportunity. Definitely one of my primo placer claims, and I'm happy to finally have one available.
If you mine in Idaho, you know the Boise Basin. In the 1860's it was the site of the largest gold rush in the country. Bigger than California and bigger than Alaska. Billions in gold. The areas surrounding More's Creek, Grimes Creek and Elk Creek were exceedingly rich in placer and lode gold, and created many a millionaire. To this day, Idaho City, Placerville, Centerville and Pioneerville are heavily blanketed with mining claims and modern day prospectors continue to reap the rewards. The nearest town to the claim is Idaho City, about 10 miles away. Or you can head south to Boise. It's about a 30-minute drive
My name is Jeff and I own this claim. I'm always happy to answer questions, so ask away. I've been exploring old mines since childhood, and now my hobby is connecting abandoned mines and people who want to own them. Although I focus on mines, occasionally I find some great placer claims too. My background is in caving, so I enjoy exploring tunnels and mines. As for the gold or other minerals inside the mine (or along the river) I leave that to you. I personally test prospect each of my claims and locate enough valuable mineral (typically gold or silver) to validate the claim and make owning and prospecting worth a prudent person's time. I also invite you to test prospect any of my claims before purchasing to ensure your satisfaction.
I guarantee your claim will be rock solid, or I'll refund your money in full. I guarantee your claim will be located exactly where I say it is, won't overlap other claims, will be properly and legally staked, and located in an area legally open to mineral entry. Filing mineral claims is tricky. It takes a great deal of research, and there are many pitfalls awaiting those who don't know what they're doing. All of my claims are processed by BLM adjudicators and vetted for mistakes, and I never sell a claim until its gone through this process and been listed on the BLM's LR-2000 database and assigned a serial number. The serial number of this claim is listed above in the section titled "more info about the claim".
Before bidding, please make sure you understand what an unpatented mining claim is. You do NOT own the surface rights of the land, only the mineral rights. You are allowed to camp on your claim for two week periods under dispersed camping rules. If you are actively mining and wish to stay longer you may request permission from the managing agency (Forest Service or BLM). Other people are still allowed to recreate on your claim, but they are not allowed to remove minerals, and you may post signs explaining this. Generally speaking, you are NOT allowed to build on an unpatented mining claim. Prospecting methods such as panning, metal detecting, or sampling inside a mine typically require no special permission or permit, but other forms of mining typically do. The use of a dredge, bulldozer, or other mechanized equipment typically requires permission from the Forest Service or BLM in the form of a Notice of Intent or Plan of Operation. It's always wise to communicate with the managing agency before you begin any type of mining. They are there to help you navigate the rules. You are responsible for paying an annual maintenance fee of $165 to the BLM. This fee is due each year on, or before, September 1st. Fees have been paid on this claim for the year, and you will owe nothing more until September 1, 2020.
You also have the option to file a small miners waiver. This allows you to pay only $15 in fees annually (instead of $165). To qualify, you must have owned fewer than 10 claims nationwide this year, and agree to do $100 worth of labor to improve the claim. This method is cheaper but also a tad risky. If you mess up the paperwork, you can lose the claim.
Prior to 1994, you could convert an unpatented mining claim to a patented claim, thereby taking full ownership of the land and minerals. Unfortunately there's been a moratorium on patents since 1994, but many powerful people would like to see this moratorium lifted.
In addition to the final bid price, a $250 processing fee is required of the winning bidder. This fee covers all of the filing of paperwork with the proper county and BLM, and offsets some of the expenses of creating a claim. I accept cash, checks, cashiers checks, or money orders. Sorry, Ebay doesn't allow Paypal for real estate transactions. I expect you to respond to my 'congratulations you've won' email within 24 hours of auction close and complete payment within a week. I generally don't offer financing plans or trades. As soon as your funds clear, I will record a quitclaim deed in your name with the county and BLM and send you a copy of that deed along with directions to your claim and GPS coordinates for the corner stakes. The claim is then 100% yours to hold as long as you want, sell, give away, or will to your heirs.

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