Jeff Brown Artwork found objects unique "Nail Cross" Iron Cross

Category Art Mixed Media Art & Collage Art

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Location Sunset Beach, North Carolina 284** US

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Size Small (up to 12in.)

Artist Jeff Brown

Materials Found objects and materials on wood panel

Style Contemporary Art

Listed By Artist

Quantity Type Single-Piece Work

Date Of Creation 2016

Type Collage assemblage

Features Ready to hang., Signed

Width (Inches) 14"

Color Brown

Originality Original

Height (Inches) 15"

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This is a unique (one-of-a-kind) work of art made from found materials: Found rusty nails and spikes on old patinaed wood sheets and other gfound materials. Signed ny the artist. Please examine the photo carefully before bidding.
Artist’s Statement:
Discarded bits of cultural ephemera, lost artifacts, corroded materials and time-worn weathered surfaces and patinas, evident of nature’s ravaging effects – These are the peculiarly romantic and exotic sources that inspire my work.
Objects and materials, whose faces reflect a process of time and the natural elements, interact with my curiosity about their history. This world of the worn and eroded is reborn in my artwork to express an aesthetic that does not fit with our culture’s traditional value system for art.
My travels to developing countries have given me an awareness of the indigenous folk art elements that are common to many of these cultures. Shop signs, road signs, fragile huts held together with materials scrounged from refuse – all of these bring the strongest of influences to my art.
Many of my pieces are nostalgic and reminiscent of once-significant objects, often from my own childhood; a Cracker Jack toy “surprise,” a discarded lead soldier or a fragment of foreign paper currency. The aesthetic criteria for a found object’s inclusion in my assemblage or collage is its venerable sense of time, wear and use with a feeling of origins from another time or far-away place. Formalistic aspects are also important such as shape, color, surface, and form.
I’m after a sense of familiarity mixed with a feeling of rebirth and even a reaction of challenge or mystery with that which we would otherwise feel comfortable…that, and a purely aesthetic combination of materials, objects, and original artwork.
There can be a provocative and often confrontational quality to some of my work as I address social, political and religious icon and ideas. This is done, more often than not, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude if not in an outright satirical or ironic way. Shipped USPS Priority Mail next business day.

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