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Jesness Inventory-Revised Booklet and 50 Response Sheets ($160 retail). Shipped with USPS First Class.
The Jesness Inventory–Revised (JI–R) is a comprehensive self-report measure of personality and psychopathology that is applicable to children, adolescents, and adults with more severe behavioral problems and with whom violence potential is a concern.
The JI–R is an easy-to-understand true/false questionnaire that provides valuable information about functioning across a variety of different areas. Its 11 personality scales measure key traits and attitudes, while 9 behavioral subtype scales further determine personal characteristics. Results provide insight into potential causes of behavior and are particularly useful when differentiating between social maladjustment and emotional disturbance.
* Gain valuable insight into the potential causes of certain behaviors
* Complete a comprehensive evaluation with both a personality classification as well as a profile of the client's characteristics on several relevant personality dimensions
* View useful treatment recommendations for each subtype classification
* PERSONALITY SCALES: Social Maladjustment, Value Orientation, Immaturity, Autism, Alienation, Manifest Aggression, Withdrawal-Depression, Social Anxiety, Repression, Denial, and Antisocial Index
* SUBTYPE SCALES: Undersocialized, Active/Unsocialized, Aggressive (AA), Undersocialized, Passive/Unsocialized, Passive (AP), Conformist/Immature Conformist (CFM), Group-Oriented/Cultural Conformist (CFC), Pragmatist/Manipulator (MP), Autonomy-Oriented/Neurotic, Acting Out (NA), Introspective/Neurotic, Anxious (NX), Inhibited/Situational Emotional Reaction (SE), Adaptive/Cultural Identifier (CI)
* DSM-IV SUBSCALES: Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

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