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Location Elliston, Montana 597** US

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Property Address Elliston, MT 59728

State/Province Montana

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Zip/Postal Code 59728

Zoning Mixed

City Elliston

Acreage 20.0

Type Unpatented Mining Claims

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Telegraph Creek Mine
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This claim is located on Telegraph Creek in Powell County, Montana. With this claim you will be getting the exclusive mineral rights to 20 acres on an excellent spot on the creek for you to work at your leisure.
This claim is at an elevation ranging around 6100 feet.
REF:Deposit:: MBMG MEM 26, P. 119, 125. Deposit:: USGS BULL 527, P. 78-9.
Production:: MBMG MEM 26, P. 125. MBM G MEM 15, 1935 P.67
Commodities (Major) - Gold Deposit
Type: Placer
Development Status: Past Producer
Structure: Boulder Batholith
Host Rock: Gravel
TELEGRAPH CREEK: Telegraph Creek is a stream located just 17.6 miles from Helena, in Powell County, in the state of Montana, near Elliston, MT.
The Telegraph Creek Formation is a Mesozoic geologic formation in Montana, United States. Dinosaur remains are among the fossils that have been recovered from the formation, although none have yet been referred to a specific genus.
Telegraph Creek formation (Phanerozoic | Mesozoic | Cretaceous-Late) at surface, covers 0.2 % of this area
For Fishing License purchase, fishing rules, and fishing regulations please visit Montana Fish & Wildlife. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public.
Fishing is normally the best in Telegraph Creek in the spring but can be good any time of the year.
Largemouth Bass fishing is popular in Elliston, MT.
There are a lot of activities available nearby besides fishing such as visiting museums or hiking one of 29 trails located in Powell.
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* Quitclaim deed showing full ownership of the claim. This will be stamped, recorded and verified with the County and the BLM offices.
* Welcome packet with all of the rules and regulations as they relate to the State and BLM where the claim is located.
* Educational documents to annually renew your mining claim with the BLM.
* A CD of all of the documented images of the claim including maps of the site.
* Map of claim marked and GPS coordinates.
* Multiple maps showing claim location and surrounding areas for access.
This claim is located about 15 miles away from the city of Avon and about 8 miles from the city of Elliston.
GEOLOGY: The US Geological Survey ranked Montana as number 7 in gold production in the US and reported that the state included 31 gold mining districts. Total gold production from the 19th century to 1968 was 17.8 million ounces, but considerable amounts of gold have been mined since. Based on geology, it is predictable that several large undeveloped and undiscovered gold deposits will be found, identified and developed in the future.
Records show that from 1932-1945 Claims were reported for eight seasons, no more than 3 claims were active during one season.
Telegraph Creek Formation Geo Study: Yellow sandy shale parted in middle by a thin bed of concretionary sandstone, which caps an escarpment. Less prominent layers of concretionary sandstone occur in upper half of formation. Thickness 320 feet. Underlies Virgelle sandstone member of Eagle sandstone, and overlies Niobrara shale.
The geology in the vicinity of Elliston consists of an apparently conformable succession of limestone, quartzite and sandstone. The lowest formation is the Madison limestone which is overlain by the Quadrant quartzite, near the top of which occurs a bed of high-grade phosphate rock. To the south of Elliston rhyolites are present and persist on the flanks of the mountains to 6,200 ft. At the mouth of Snowshoe Creek auriferous gravels rest on an eroded surface of lake beds from Tertiary lakes. The ore deposits of the Elliston district contain values chiefly of lead-silver, some of which contain considerable gold. The ore minerals are galena, pyrite, sphalerite, arsenopyrite and tetrahedrite in a quartz-carbonate gangue (Schrader 1929; Pardee and Schrader 1933).
Elliston began as a placer operation along the Little Blackfoot River during the 1860’s. It was not until the 1890s, when lode mining was developed south of town that the district began to produce significant amounts of ore. Most of the production from the lode mining occurred between 1890 and 1908, at which point the total production was estimated at $2,750,000. Most of this production came from the Big Dick (or Evening Star), Monarch, Julia, Flora, Ontario and Twin City mines.
Another important industry of the district in the 1890s was the quarry and lime plant of the Elliston Lime Company, located one mile east of Elliston. The company mined Madison limestone from prominent outcrops, which was then roasted in kilns which lined the right-of-way of the Northern Pacific Railway. About 5000 tons of lime a year was produced.
History books also noted that east of Ontario Creek, placer activity along Telegraph Creek was a big producer.
GOLD IN POWELL COUNTY: Powell County is in west-central Montana, west of the Continental Divide and west of Lewis and Clark County. Most of the gold production has come from placer deposits in the southern part of the county. Gold-bearing gravels discovered along Gold Creek in 1852 were probably the first gold discoveries in Montana (Lyden, 1948, p. 118-120), although they were not mined until 1862. The important placers of Powell County are in the Pioneer district, which includes the Gold Creek placers, and the Ophir and Finn districts. Gold lodes were worked in the Ophir and Zosell districts. Powell County through 1959 produced about 517,000 ounces of placer gold and about 50,000 ounces of lode gold.
The discovery of gold at various points in the western part of the county, Ophir, Blackfoot City, Pioneer, Bear and Elk Gulches resulted in the moving of the county seat from Silver Bow to Deer Lodge which was sometimes mentioned as the "little town on the way to Bear", a roaring mining camp in Bear Gulch. Any of these camps was more populous in those years than Deer Lodge where the county seat was located in December, 1867, but it was older and more accessible.
CLIMATE - Powell County, Montana, gets 13 inches of rain per year, and snowfall is around 47 inches. The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 88. On average, there are 178 sunny days per year in Powell County, Montana. The July high is around 82 degrees. The January low is 8. Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is a 72 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable.
The access to the claim is very easy to manage. Telegraph Creek Road runs right through the claim itself. You will have easy access to your vehicle and even a small camper or trailer if you choose to bring one. There are a couple turnouts as well leading you directly into the claim.
The area is full of dirt roads, so a good map and a good GPS unit is a must, but we'll show you exactly where both claims are on the map as well as provide you with the precise latitude and longitude of each corner marker, so finding them will not be a problem for you.
The I-90 W is a paved road, with good conditions. It is recommended to check the weather before heading to the claim, depending on the time of year, to make sure there is no bad weather. After the I-90 W, you will be heading on another paved road, the US-12. Once you have reached Telegraph Creek Road, you are not too far from the claim.
Holiday Inn Helena – 17 miles
Best Western Premier Helena Great Northern Hotel – 17.26 miles
Elkhorn Mountain Inn – 19.54 miles
Western Big Sky Inn – 19.16 miles
Cromwell Dixon Campground – 6.36
Orofino Campground – 19.81 miles
Deer Lodge KOA – 19.79 miles
Indian Creek Campground – 18.37 miles
Camp Mak-A-Dream – 28.97 miles
Klies Airstrip Airport – 8.43
Helena Regional Airport – 19.56 miles
Note that all of the pictures of this claim were taken by my team and/or myself on a recent visit to this property.
Mining claims are a tangible asset just like any other Real property (real estate) and show a lifetime proof of all interests in minerals in the area specified by the above claim. Once you own this claim and the associated mineral rights, you will own them for life as long as you keep up with the annual fees. This claim can be bought, sold, leased or used as collateral, just like any other piece of real estate.
A mining claim can be willed or passed down to future generations as part of a trust or your estate, or you can trade it, lease it out for a period or time (or indefinitely), gift it to a family member or friend and you can also transfer or sell just an interest in it in part or in its entirety just like any other real property using a quitclaim deed which is a recordable conveyance. In other words, you could sell a 25% or a 50% share in it if you wanted in order to bring on a partner in the future - or you could sell the entire claim in whole.
This auction is for full/all interest in this 20 acre placer mining claim (unless the acreage indicated in the above mine description is different). This claim covers the entire site, (unless the claim description above describes different measurements), and includes full rights to all minerals, gems and just about whatever else you may find of value on the property (except oil and gas, which are handled separately). The winner of this auction will receive a notarized quitclaim deed to the full claim and all associated documentation showing full ownership of the claim. We pay ALL fees associated with transferring this claim into your name - legal fees, title transfer fees, document fees, notary costs, recording fees and even shipping fees, so all you will pay is the final price of the auction, not a penny more.
In order to hold on to your claim for life, you will need to pay an annual maintenance fee to the Government (BLM, not us) every year. Currently the maintenance fee is $165 per year per claim that you own, and it is due on September 1st of every year.
NOTE that if you own fewer than 10 claims nationwide, we can assist you in filing the paperwork to waive the maintenance fee every year. That means you will only pay $15 per year for your maintenance fee instead of $165. We guarantee that all past fees have been paid in full and there are no outstanding debts or amounts owed on the claim prior to the transfer of ownership into your name.
The federal government retains ownership of the land - so this means that you will not have any annual real estate taxes due on your mining claim, and you will not have to maintain liability insurance in case someone gets injured on your claim due to no fault of your own.
First, we handle all the paperwork and costs associated with transferring this claim into your name should you win this auction. But if you decide to sell this claim at some point in the future, interest in a properly recorded mining claim or site may be transferred (i.e sold) in part or its entirety. A quitclaim deed or recordable conveyance document is required and if you do sell your claim someday and the transfer documents should be filed within 60 days after the transfer.
We can and will help you with the paperwork for no cost should you need a hand selling your claim in the future if you pay all of the County, State and Federal fees (usually less than $40 to $60).
But again - with regard to transferring this claim initially into your name, we take care of all the paperwork at our expense. You do not have to worry about anything. we handle the BLM transfer documentation and the county recording.
Without an approved plan of operations, you have the same rights and restrictions as the public. If the area is open to camping to the public, then it is permissible. However, you need to check with the BLM Field Office or the local District Ranger for areas open to camping. Under Federal law in order to occupy the public lands under the mining laws for more than 14 calendar days in any 90 day period, a claimant must be involved in certain activities that (a) are reasonably incident; (b) constitute substantially regular work; (c) are reasonably calculated to lead to the extraction and beneficiation of minerals; (d) involve observable on-the-ground activity that can be verified; and (e) use appropriate equipment that is presently operable, subject to the need for reasonable assembly, maintenance, repair or fabrication of replacement parts. All five of these requirements must be met for occupancy to be permissible.
Although it is possible to build a permanent structure on a mining claim, it is extremely expensive and you will have to jump through way too many hoops to consider it easy to do. It would have to be in support of a commercial, year-round mining operation for starters, and you would need to post a large reclamation bond to insure that if you ever abandoned your claim, the bond would pay for the removal of the structure and the reclamation or the area. So in short, it is technically possible to build on your mining claim, but just be aware that it is very difficult and expensive to do - however, camping is almost always involved unless your claim is in a wilderness area, which is not very common at all.
In addition to handling all of the paperwork to transfer this claim into your name, as well as paying all of the fees so you do not have any costs other than the final price of the auction when the bidding closes, we also pay all of the costs associated with mailing the paperwork to you as well as to the County and Federal Government for recording and sending you back certified copies.
We will ship you a folder with all paperwork, claim coordinates, maps and information on your claim, including a CD-Rom with all of the pictures of your claim upon your payment in full clearing. We ship everything to you the same business day (if payment is received by 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time) - and we will always provide you with the tracking information so you are always informed.
You initial claim packet that we mail has an unrecorded deed so that you can show ownership immediately after payment and be able to visit your claim. A second original deed goes to the County for recording the same day, and a third original deed goes to the BLM for certification as well. Both of those originals will be returned to you so you will wind up with several original deeds - but the County and BLM deeds can take 3 to 6 weeks to be returned to you, which is why we send you the initial original on day one.
Your payment of this eBay auction item in full gives you 100% ownership of this entire claim, with no other fees and/or other costs for the transfer of ownership required. This is NOT an auction for the down payment, this is NOT a partnership arrangement where someone else will own part of the claim with you, and there are NO other fees or costs for the transfer of this claim in your name.
eBay does not allow checkout on the eBay website for any Real Estate transactions - simply because it is not like selling a widget - the transfer of real estate is complicated and requires notary work, licensed professionals and recording. Note that this is eBay’s rules and not ours and it is the same for any mining claim seller on eBay
We also are not able to accept PayPal payments for mining claims, as claims are real estate and PayPal does not allow payments to be made on any real estate items, including single family homes, condos, mining claim or land purchases. We DO accept just about every other kind of payment method you can think of: Personal Checks, Business Checks, Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, Bank Wires, ACH payments, Direct Bank Deposit at any Bank of America Branch, Gold or Silver Bullion (at the day’s SPOT prices), etc. After the auction close, we will send you a secure link to handle the payment safely online if you prefer, and we can also take care of payment by mail or telephone, as we are a traditional Brick and Mortar business - so whichever method you prefer is perfectly fine with us.
We provide financing plans with no interest or fees. Financing terms are minimum of $500 down with the balance will due within 90-days via three equal monthly payments of the remaining balance after the down payment has been paid.
With all financing plans, we do not transfer the final deed into your name until the claim has been paid in full. In the event of a default on a payment plan, we do not refund your down payment - however, we do allow you to put that down payment towards any other purchase as a store credit in full. If you are financing a climate and there is less than 90 days until September 1st (i.e. from June 1st through September 1st), when the annual fee for mining claims is due to the Federal Government, we will add the $165 maintenance fee to your down payment and pay it to the BLM on your behalf thereby increasing your down payment to $665 instead of $500 - however, the $165 portion of the down payment does not go towards your principle balance since it is used to pay the annual fees to the government, therefore the actual down payment credit will still be $500. Approval for financing is automatic as long as you have a valid eBay account in good standing.

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