Mossad :  Secret Service / Advanced Weaponry vs. a Teenage Summer Job

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Up for auction is a BOOK Entitled: Mossad - Secret Service
Typical summer jobs when I was in High School were stocking retail store shelves, flipping burgers at fast food restaurants, retail sales at lawn and garden centers, pool construction, life guards, camp counselors and landscaping. All of these jobs required what was referred to as "working papers". You had to be 16 years or older.
Prior to age 16, I collected a few discarded lawn mowers and swapped parts until I built a running lawnmower.
Most lawn mower engines were equipped with the same engine (Briggs & Stratton), and the common problems were a sheared crankshaft keyway from the cutting blade striking an object, or too much dwell on the ignition contacts. Both prevented the engine from starting / running. Using an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver instead of a flywheel puller to pop off the flywheel, and a piece of cardboard to set the gap on the ignition "points", produced a running lawn mower and I was in business at age 14. Crude repair tools, but zero cost.
The asssembled and running lawnmower cost nothing except some build time, so cutting a few local lawns per week for almost nothing was acceptable until I reached 16 years of age. $2 to cut a lawn and the homeowner was required to supply the gasoline. I would have to say my lifestyle was definitely meager. There was zero abundance.
I was nominated as President of my H.S. National Honor Society and promptly declined. Why? No one was going to buy a suit jacket if I had to give a speech, and no one was going to drive me to any mandatory appearance.
Furthermore, my "personal dream / goal" was to buy & insure a car during the final months of my senior year for required commuting to college. I purchased a car for $100 and made the necessary repairs. The second "personal dream / goal" that was accomplished, is attending the senior prom (tuxedo rental, dinner tickets, meeting other prom attendees after dinner at a restaurant). Any remaining money went towards purchasing textbooks for the Freshman year. A graduation High School ring? No Way! Too expensive.
Backtracking. At age 16, a local summer landscaping job at an apartment development was available. Not having a car until my senior year of H.S. (I hoped) this was one of only a few jobs close enough to either walk or ride a bicycle, so I took the job at Hillcrest Village Apartments located at Holbrook, NY.
Every summer there was a new landscaping supervisor. My third summer working at Hillcrest Village Apartments there were 2 supervisors, Jack and Jack. One Jack had red hair, the other Jack had brown hair. Jack and Jack deliberately and overtly self-identified as catholics based on multiple landscaping storage garage / workshop conversations.
Jack and Jack also mentioned they were neighbors and close friends who resided in the Selden / Setauket area on Long Island, NY.
Every Friday they would spend a significant part of their paycheck at a whiskey tavern located on the north side of Nesconset Hwy. in Port Jefferson Station, NY Jack and Jack were hired together by the jew owners of Hillcrest Village Apartments.
One day, Jack makes a statement UNRELATED to any ongoing conversations among the landscaping crew during lunch. The statement is directed specifically to me only.
Jack states: "U" could get a job at "Captree" Marina. Seemed odd?
For efficiency, and to make sure the employees worked continuously for the 8 hour day, the landscaping employees always worked as a crew whenever cutting lawns, trimming hedges, etc. Anyone taking an unauthorized break was terminated.
One morning as the landscaping crew was leaving the landscaping shop, I was abruptly assigned to work solo at one of the buildings for the day. Not a specific task , but a specific building. One out of the approximately 23 large apartment buildings.
My co-workers and I looked at each other in puzzlement. This was NEVER done, and was way out of the ordinary.
I said OK, and took enough various tools to put in an 8 hour day, a manual edger, manual hedge trimmer, push lawnmower, lawn rake.
At the end of the day, my eyes had the sensation of being covered with sand or an abrasive. My scalp had some type of material embedded above the skull, but below the scalp. I thought this was some sort of reaction to working in the sun and heat all day. Or, dehydration, or etc.
_ In RETROSPECT, a WEAPONS SYSTEM was used on me_.
There are only Three (3) options, and at least one is 100% factually correct.
1. The FELONY ASSAULT was a jew-mossad weapon developed for use against "The Goy".
2. This is a catholic religion-based organized crime weapons system for use against those U.S. Citizens who do not worship the pope.
3. This DELIBERATE Set-Up was for the use of a Federal Organized Crime Syndicate / Cult FELONY ASSAULT with an advanced weapons system. Why?
This Federal Organized Crime Syndicate Felony Assault was "funded" based on political clout from the catholic church, or the wall worshippers. The Federal Crime Syndicate / Cult DOES CONTRACT MURDERS of U.S. Citizens, as a political favor, for a briefcase full of "the benjamens", or a pouch full of diamonds.
Washington d.c. is NOT "the shining city on a hill" - ronald (6) wilson (6) reagan (6) Koooolaisd-propaganda
Washinton d.c. is a Brothel where political ruling class "crack-cocaine whores" chase after their next drug fix - Money / Power / Control / Quid-quo-pros / monetizing "public service appointments" They are political street-prostitutes chasing after their "clients" who have the "the benjamens".
OK, WHERE would such an advanced weapons system be sourced?
Mossad is a definite source of this Terrorist Weapon for use against "The Goy".
Mossad is an International terrorist group protected by their base of operations, a Nation comprised of forcefully stolen and illegally confiscated land. Mossad will use any weapons system or tactics, to kidnap, torture, assassinate anyone. International Law and sovereign borders are irrelevant.
Mossad is funded and receives logistical support from the Nation state they reside in, which includes advanced weaponry and Polonium 232 for assassinations, etc. To fund domestic terrorist operations against "The Goy" here in the United States, any prominent business person who does business in New York is compelled to attend and donate large sums of "the benjamens" to the i.d.f.
While Donald j trump skipped a World War memorial in Europe, he always attended the multi-million "benjamen" fundraiser for the i.d.f. And, if you think none of these "benjamens' are funneled into mossad terrorist operations, you are a Fool.
Which brings us to the following:
IF you are not a jew on Long Island, NY or not a catholic on Long Island, NY then you have NO legal or civil rights. This was evident during my divorce proceedings starting in 1995, and elsewhere.
This continued past a teenage summer
For example: In the late 1980's while employed as a NYPD Sgt., a jewish member of my plainclothes unit in the 112 Pct., Louis Telano whose father was the head of F.O.P., would say: "Hook-EM, Bar-OK-to-EM (jewish word), Put-'EM in the oven and Cook-'EM. Your whole family is dead, you're dead, you won't know where to run when the rain begins. Just kill yourself.
The catholic 112 Pct. plainclothes members of the unit would sing: Like a candle in the wind, you won't know where to run when the rain begins.
On or about 2004 one jew says to another jew with me present: Goy-'EM. There was no doubt the derogatory comment was directed specifically towards me. E-M, a type of R.F. based weapons system. The Electromagnetic-Spectrum. He then says: "Don't give him any food for thought". In other words, do not respond.
Of course the F.B.I. is USELESS in this matter. So what else is new? They had actionable intelligence for 09/11/2001 or the Florida Parkland High School shooting and as usual f***ed up.
Ever file a legal proceeding before the us supreme court? The so-called "high court". A Petition for a Writ of Certioari?
The us supreme court is a corrupt farce. Members of the us congress such as Charles schumer and Hillary Clinton are likewise corrupt and useless.
SOW N.O.W. "U" answer to GOD.
In the past I stated to a former NYPD Police Officer I worked with in the 110 Pct. where I was a Sgt. "The Hand of GOD turns the faucet off to the Mississippi river to just a trickle" during a telephone conversation. 7 month later the mighty miss starts to dry up. There are multiple additional examples.
I can direct the corrupt "intelligence" agencies who to interview to substantiate the Cause & Effect of a man-made, blasphemous version of the book of revelation, however they don't care how much damage occurs due to retribution from GOD.
The "pedophile cult" and the "jerusalem based territory thieves" man-made, blasphemous, self-serving fake book of revelation is MORE important than GOD's Retribution for blasphemy.
The Felony Assault by donald j. trump (The FELON)
The destruction of your home, place of work, business, car. personal property is simply "collateral damage" Irrelevant. The ends justify the means.
Another Cause & Effect example: I must have stated at least 30 times during telephone conversations with retired Police Officer Henry H. formerly of the 110th Pct. (I was a Sgt. at the 110 Pct.) "What are they going to do when a 15 foot storm surge rolls up the Hudson River and lower Manhattan floods? The subway tunnels flood, the Battery is submerged? "Sandy".
Corroboration: I am at the home of Steven K. who worked at Mens Wearhouse @ Patchogue 8 months prior to "Sandy", Corrupt and Evil barrack hussein obama wacked a child using the Federal Crime Syndicate / Cult military satellite weapons system.
First you have the Cause, then you have the Effect. I state at his home after a brief conversation: The Hand of GOD sends a hurricane to hug the east coast, then a hard left turn to send the power of the northeast quadrant storm surge into the Hudson River. Lower Manhattan and the subways / tunnels flood.
I can directed the corrupt and blasphemous garbage "intelligence" agencies from the Federal Crime Syndicate / CULT, who to interview, where to research, but they do not give a f**k how much damage occurs due to retribution from GOD.
There is NO democracy, only a Crime based Syndicate Swamp. The Washington D.C. - CULT. The N.W.O based on Money / Power / Control. The combined money, power, control of the Federal Crime Syndicate / Cult fueled with YOUR 1040 / 1040A tax payments in an evil alliance with the wailing wallers, and the pedophile / child molester worshipers.
I am not going to stand on a stage or soap box and preach anything to anyone. There is more than sufficient information AND disinformation accessible by almost everyone.
I do not post "conspiracy theory" falsehoods such as the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut was some sort of "false flag" operation. A grotesque insinuation to the parents and families. Some individuals do.
What I will say is: Only GOD knows the future. Only GOD knows the place and time of events unless GOD chooses to reveal any events. And IF you have ANY scientific background, you know superseding the Laws of Physics is impossible. Even using "Quantum Entanglement" or other very unique exotic physics has unbreachable boundaries and limitations. Based on credible, verifiable, unrefuteable Facts and Circumstances, I personally proved GOD exists.
Therefore, I am a threat to The Federal Crime Syndicate / Cult and the N.W.O fusion of Money / Power / Control which includes the leader of the pedophile, child molesting religious group, etc.
You can describe any belief in a higher authority as "bronze age mythology", or instead understand you there is a miniscule part of GOD in you called a "soul". I really don't care what anyone's belief system is, atheist, agnostic, etc.
Your "soul" is why elephants do not build space shuttles, a blue whale does not express any understanding of calculus despite 3 to 5 times the capacity of processing neurons compared to people.
Most importantly, best wishes on Judgment Day (For Real!).

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