* NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket S-IC Hardware* Boeing Marotta Solenoid Space Valve

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* Vintage NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket S-IC / 1st Stage Hardware * Boeing / Marotta Solenoid Space Valve, Marshall Space Flight Center.
This artifact is a Fluidic System Pressurization valve designed for the Apollo program, specifically for the Saturn V Moon Rocket's First Stage.
Boeing, the primary contractor for the S-IC, contracted Marotta Valve Company for the design and manufacture of this solenoid valve.
The main valve body is constructed of non-magnetic, corrosion resistant stainless steel.
NASA & Manufacturer Tag Data:
NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
2-Way 2-Position Solenoid Valve
Assembly Number: 65B23278-5B
Contract Number: NAS8-5608
Serial Number: 154
Manufactured By: 228484 (Unqualified)
Acceptance Date: February of 1965
Weight: 1.9
Model Number: MV130TB
Manufacturer Part Number: 228484
Revision: 2295D
24 Volts DC, 1.0 AMP
Ports Per: AND10050-6
Service: Air, GN2, He
Operating Pressure: 3500 Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
Marotta Valve Corporation
Boonton, New Jersey, Santa Ana, California, U.S
(O-Ring Cure & Assembly Stamp Date: First Quarter of 1965)
Approximate dimensions: 5 inches x 3.25 inches x 2.25 inches.
The last ten images are for reference only, including photos of the Saturn V S-IC stage from assembly to flight ready.
This solenoid valve was originally purchased at a NASA Marshall Space Flight Center auction, in Huntsville, Alabama.
An enduring piece of Saturn V spaceflight history for your Apollo collection!
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * AS THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE APOLLO 11 MOON LANDING IS FAST APPROACHING, SPACEFLIGHT MISSIONS GROW FARTHER REACHING AND EVER BOLD, WHILE WE BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE A RENAISSANCE OF INTERNATIONAL INTEREST IN SPACEFLIGHT ENDEAVORS AND TECHNOLOGY. STILL, ONLY A FEW KNOW about the possibility of collecting such historically significant artifacts, as these from the Space Programs, but that is beginning to change, in light of these events.
Over time, spaceflight artifacts are increasingly difficult to acquire and the value of these rare collectibles is very likely to rise dramatically. If you are a collector that is new to the niche of spaceflight hardware and seeking to diversify your portfolio, this is an excellent way to accomplish that with a unique and sound investment. These are heirlooms that will inspire and be admired by many generations to come.
Thank you, and welcome to Space Mission Market!
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