4 pairs, Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches,dubia roach alturnative

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As per ebay requirements, these are sold for the purpose of feeder insects.
This listing is for 4 pairs, 4 female and 4 male ,from 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Madagascar Hissing Roach, G. Oblongonota",one of the largest bugs available!!!
Gromphadorhina Oblongonota is the species name of this facinating insect and is the 2nd largest roach species in the world. Second only to the Aussie Rhino roach. They are great for feeding large insectavors. These guys are particularly hardy and make a great feeder while still in thier nymph stage because they are very soft bodied and have some bulk to them , perfect for big eaters ,like dragons. They are also great for arboreal lizards because hissing roaches can climb glass which enables them to go where the reptile is and they can eat in a more natural setting. These get quite large, 3 1/2 inches + and can live up to 5 years. They bear live young so no special care for egg cases is needed. I keep mine at 80 degrees and they do quite well at that tempurature. They grow rapidly and are easy to feed. They will eat just about any fruits or veggies, they love apples, oranges, bananna's, watermelon, green leafy veggies (leaf lettuce) and a myrid of other foods. You can experiment to find other foods they will eat. They do climb smooth surfaces but it is easy to keep them in thier enclosure by adding a 2 inch strip of petrolium jelly( vasaline ) to the top edge of the tank or bin. I use a rubbermaid bin with egg crates standing vertical and carbourd between them. This species is quite calm and can be handled without them trying to run off. They will hang around on your shoulder for hours and seem to like getting out of the house.
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