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Namesta and welcome I have the pleasures of knowing 2 covens and will be bringing items to share with those who are in need. First let me tell you I too have studied the art of spell casting and have studied many areas, Illuminati the golden dawn for years I have trained and prepared to help those in need so now I decided it was time to share my collection and spelled item here so bare with me as I try to get this right. as par ebay's policies you are purchasing a ring you must be 18 to bid or buy and anything else is a gift to you from me. my jewelry is being sold as simple jewelry ,I will not be held responsible for any metaphysical properties, or lackof. I am simply sharing some of my personal experiences with these items - but they will be sold as fashion jewelry.
The law requires that I inform you that spells,
metaphysical items and readings are for entertainment purposes only. You must be
at least 18 years old to purchase these items and do so at your own risk. thecovent
is not liable for misuse of these items, nor liable for any activity
or occurrence that may or may not happen in connection with these items. I make
no medical claims, and cannot guarantee the results for any person.we all know what vampires can do but here's my personal opinion Offering today
Italian Renaissance Male Sang Vampire
Bound to this item is a most unusual Italian Sang Vampire. Hispresence alone will dissolve your will to resist; for his charms are as much psychic as they are physical. He blends both into a mixture that is sure to seduce, addict and pleasure and please you, not always in that order. His physical manifestation are between that of a well-dressed clad member of the upper classes to that of astripped down brooding athletic male whose endowments are at attention and ready to satisfy. His attentions are bold and he likes to tease his companion-keeper without mercy or release until he is assured of your satisfaction. his eyes are black as night as so is his hair
His energy is extreme and is one of the most hardy among sangs that we've seen. He is seeking a woman who appreciates the LOVE FORLIFE AND WHAT HE CAN OFFER. Andrei does have a warm side and if he chooses to bond deeply, it will be lasting and more than ANY BOND THAT CAN FORM BETWEEN SPIRIT AND KEEPER in content. His psychic powers for a sang are unusual and thus his bonding will tend towards a total fusion of SOUL and hearts. He is pet and family friendly, not jealous and will get along with any other spirits you have. he is very safe very protective of his keeper and of her or his family yes he is for male or female they open TEND TO OPEN the 3rd eye give abilities to their keep bring wealth and treasures of riches to they one who keeps them.these are very loving spirits and maybe sexual only if the keeper is willing. They a romantic and show this.they can give a superpower to the keepers when needed HELP WITH THE HEALING OF MIND SOUL AND BODY there is one small stone missing but it doesn't effect the power.
It comes complete with a simple bonding invocation and name

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