Peridot Power Orgone Healing Energy Pendant

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Helps strengthen personal identity. Helps override unwanted patterns of thought. Helps the wearer to let go of the past. Provides protection from harmful forces and influences. Connects the wearer to the assistance of the vibrant energy of the natural world. Assists the wearer in balancing emotions. Brings a sunny and friendly disposition to the wearer. Specifically cleanses, refreshes and invigorates the solar plexus and heart chakras.
The front of the pendant includes beautiful sparkles, brass wire, and gold flakes. The back of the pendant includes the aluminum and steel shavings along with quartz, mica, and calcite. This combination I use to create the orgone energy. The very back of the pendant includes many peridot crystals. This pendant is 1 and 1/2 inches in length, 1/2 an inch across, and roughly 1/2 an inch thick. The cord comes with the pendant, so it is ready to wear.
PLEASE NOTE: Since each of the pendants I make are hand-crafted, there may be slight variations in the appearance of the pendant you receive compared to the pendant in the picture above.
All of the pendants I make include at least one stone I have found while I rockhound. My orgone pendants always include flakes of mica I have collected from a vortex on Mica Mountain in northern Idaho state. This mica has a potent consciousness of its own which I have found helps amplify and intelligently direct all energetic properties in the orgone pendant, truly making these orgone items one of a kind. I also make sure to cleanse all stones and set protective space while creating the pendants. These pendants I have already activated, so they are ready to use. If you ever feel it needs to be recharged while you are using it, place it under cold water for a few seconds for a quick recharge, or under the sun for an hour or with hematite stones for a few hours for a longer recharge.
Make sure to take breaks from the pendant when needed, since this gives the body time to adjust to the energies. The pendant does not have to be worn. It can also be placed in a pocket or anywhere you feel drawn to place it on the body or aura.

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