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Maintenance Fees (dollars) 73

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CLUB WYNDHAM ACCESS* is a Wyndham ownership program that grants members more options, more flexibility, and more control. Offered currently only on a limited basis, Club Wyndham Access allows owners to enjoy Club Wyndham Plus benefits! Primarily, owners will find Advance Reservation Priority (ARP) to be an excellent benefit. ARP provides that members can request reservations at any one of their home resorts (25+ Wyndham resorts) 13-10 months prior to their desired check-in date. All resorts that are part of Club Wyndham Access are considered home resorts, and priority is given at those locations. Locations are subject to change, but currently include Las Vegas, Kissimmee, Sedona, Branson, and more! Points can be used at any Wyndham location around the world!
* Your Use Year is the 12 months you have available to use all your points and is determined by the date of your anniversary date.
* Points are placed in your account prior to the Use Year Start Date to allow you to book your vacation as far as 13 months in advance of the desired arrival date
* The points used to book the reservation will be deducted from the year of travel. For example, if you make a reservation in 2020 for a check-in date of 2021, the points used will be deducted from your 2021 points.
* Unused points expire at the end of your Use Year and will no longer be available for you to use to travel.
* If you are unable to use all your points before your Use Year End Date, you have options so that you do not lose points. Options include:
* Deposit with your external exchange company - RCI or II (You receive a free RCI membership with Wyndham Points account)
* Give a gift of vacation to family or friends by using a Guest Confirmation
* Use "Points Credit Pool"
Points Credit Pool is a great feature to use when you know you are unable to travel _PRIOR_ to the start of your Use Year. You are able to ìPoolî all, or part of your points and prevent them from going unused.
Once points have been ìpooledî they are available for you to travel into CLUB WYNDHAMSM Plus res. only.
* Contact the Vacation Planning center _PRIOR_ to your Use Year Start Date and request that your points are placed in the Points Credit Pool
* One (1) Housekeeping Credit is placed in the Points Credit Pool for every 1,000 Points placed into the pool
* Additional Housekeeping Credits may be purchased as needed
* In exchange for your points, you will receive an equal amount of Pool Credits
* Your Pool Credits are available to you for three Years from the date your points were placed in the Points Credit Pool
* A service fee is required for placing Points into the Credit Pool
* Reservations using your Pool Credits depend on the availability of points placed into the Points Credit Pool
* When a reservation using Pool Credits is cancelled, the credits are returned as Cancelled Reservation Points and are not put back into the Points Credit Pool
Ownership details:
126,000 Annual Credits, can be used at any Wyndham resort
Ownership is a Membership in the Club
Credits anniversary/allotment: January 1st
Usage: Annual
Maintenance fees: $73 (billed monthly)
Transfer process:
Once your best offer is accepted a purchase agreement will be sent to you via email. After both parties sign the contract, the next step will be to send a deposit of $250 (can be via PayPal). Then we will order transfer documents from Worldmark. The rest of the funds will be due once you sign the transfer docs and return them to us (with the final payment).
Funds due upon sale:
Purchase Price: to be decided
Closing cost: $199
Transfer fee: $299
2020 Maintenance fees: (you will only be billed by Wyndham after transfer is completed, which means your fees will start from that point on, no back fees will be assessed)
First usage available: 2021 (Full points starting 1/1/21)
Please, ask all the questions before bidding.

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