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My name is Szilvia.
Since I was born I have received special gifts from heaven, to do my job of helping and guiding people.
As a child my greatest friend was in Angel with whom I talked and played with. Whenever I was in trouble, he always helped me.
My maternal Grandmother, who passed before I was born, dictated a letter to me for my Mother. when I was 16.
For a long time I have been developing my gifts, guided by Mother, who also has gifts.
Destiny hs taken me to many places and countries, where I was able to help many people.
Born in Hungary, I have traveled to Italy. Where I stayed and currently live in the USA.
_If you asked me "why I am here among you", because the serene infinity wanted it this_
_way so I can help tired and without strength souls to guide them in the path of a solution"._
_I introduce myself to you as_
_- Medium_
_- Seer_
_- i communicate with the Angels close to the person_
_- Soul therapist _
_- Purificacion of the Soul and the Spirit_
_- Personal and Couples Counsel_
Through the person's energy and his energy spheres I can give indications on the situation and what will happen.
I can communicate with you in:
English, Italian and Hungarian.
_To communicate with me you can contact me via Ebay email._
_- 1 question: $ 10.00_
_- 2 questions: $ 18.00_
_- 3 questions: $ 25.00_
_- Complete, reading on the futufe: answer to extended paraghraph questions, messages from Angels,_
_ Positive energy conveyance: $ 70.00_
Medium readings only. No tarot cards, No Angel cards, No crystals and No ruins.
Will accept in Paypal.
Required Disclaimer; Per EBAY policies, You must be at least 18 years in order to receive a reading. This service should be considered as entertainment only.
What you do with information you receive, is entirely up to you.

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