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What a strange time in history! One day we will read about these years in school books.
Here's your opportunity to get a piece of current history in the making with a personalized C-19 Religious Exemption letter, hand signed by an ordained minister. This is a genuine novelty document of unknown future historical value. You will receive your own personalized, dated copy of this letter.
Is the signature real? -- Yes. I am an ordained minister and either I or another ordained clergy member of our church will sign it.
Is the letter real? -- Yes. Our letter has been successfully used by multiple people to preserve and maintain their religious freedoms in the workplace. This is why it has historical value.
Can I have a different name put on it? -- Absolutely, just contact me after purchase if you'd like a different name on your letter.
Can it be used? -- We are only offering this letter as a record of history. What you do with it once purchased is beyond our control. The letter makes certain statements of faith. Those statements may or may not be true for you. If they are not, there may be consequences for misrepresenting those kinds of things. No use beyond entertainment and as a personalized record of modern history is intended or implied. Not responsible for any misuse.
This letter is $19.99. What is the cost of freedom? Only when we look back will we truly know.
Imagine being able to show this history to future generations one day!
All proceeds go towards our vision of a better future. Love, light, and peace to all.

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