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HIGHPERFORMANCERESUMES.COM WEBSITE > 10 YEARS ONLINE $22,999 IS BUY NOW PRICE, WHICH INCLUDES GOODWILL AND EVERYTHING BELOW. Any good/smart professional resume writer will generate more than six times the buy now investment in year one and 12 x initial investment after first two years in business. This investment is fully tax deductible as a business expense. That translates to a 33%-36% discount, just keep the receipt for your tax accountant/CPA. All delivery of services (my labor as Copywriter, photographer and CPRW is all electronic/digital, specifically you get the ID and password to the website (after payment is received), get a new mobile phone number via T-mobile (ultra-reliable 5G nationwide), and encrypted email. Labor to customize website will commence shortly after payment is received allow 3-4 business days (M-F) for each service I'm focused on excellence.
Visit my LinkedIn page to see my 75 glowing LinkedIn recommendations from my clients here -
Scroll down to bottom to see recommendations, but do read the entire LI profile. I own several internet businesses and I'm trying to lighten my workload (overwhelming for too long) to enjoy life more.
VISIT to review my entire website (six pages).
HIGHPERFORMANCERESUMES.COM IS A RECESSION PROOF BUSINESS in fact the worse the economy gets, the busier you will be. It's 2022 now, we're in the information age, employers nationwide are sifting through piles of resumes & cover letters to find the top 1-5% only, and starting salaries for new college grads/graduate school grads have never been higher. Thus, demand for professional resume writers/executive resume writers has never been higher. Further, there's a genuine shortage of talent in this professional niche.
You can work 100% from home using phone, Internet, email and Zoom (optional). No travel is necessary. If you do like to travel, you can take your business with you anytime via notebook PC/Mac and a mobile internet connection. Enjoy freedom, being your own boss, flexible schedule, high-income, secure employment, respect, pride of a job well done, freedom from office politics/bad bosses, whatever music you want, stay home with the kids (save $350-700/week in daycare), take vacations whenever you want, payoff all your debts, peace & tranquility etc. FYI: YOU CAN WORK AS THE GM/OWNER AND DELEGATE IF THAT'S YOUR STRENGTH.
ARE YOU WONDERING ABOUT THE PROBABLE INCOME? Answer: Any smart/good full-time writer can produce 5-6 resumes & cover letters a week. Assignments will range from $399 to $999. Worst case - $2400/week, average $3000/week, top producers can and do generate >$4,000/week. Full time annual earnings range - $99,000 to $120,000+ (writing, editing & typing proficiency required).
IF YOU ONLY WANT TO EARN A LUCRATIVE PART-TIME INCOME BY WORKING 3 DAYS PER WEEK, your income would be 3 x $400-$500/day x 4 weeks/month = $4,800/month or $60,000-$75,000 with two weeks of vacation per year.
ADVANTAGES OF AN AGED DOMAIN NAME OVER TEN YEARS OLD ON GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS VS. PEERS: I've never had to resort to paying for advertising. Peers pay Google AdWords $600/month or $7200 per year and tons of wasted time managing your Google AdWords/Bing search engine advertising account. That's a $72,000 savings over the next ten years.
YOU'RE BUYING A BUSINESS WITH AN FINE EXISTING REPUTATION ONLINE: Review my 75 glowing LinkedIn profile recommendations from clients here Scroll down to bottom to see recommendations, but do read the entire LI profile.
PURCHASE BY EBAY AUCTION INCLUDES: professionally created website as is, aged domain name, paid domain hosting for until Dec. 2022, website editing privileges anytime, ultra simple graphical user interface (WYSISYG, no coding necessary), over 100 HQ resume writing samples & 100 cover letter writing samples to learn from, detailed written instructions on how to write HQ resumes and cover letters from an expert. (Home address for shipping materials is required.) ***CUSTOMIZED AUDIO RECORDINGS, PHONE NUMBER AND LICENSE TO USE MY NAME, PHOTO AND REPUTATION AND OTHER ADD-ON SERVICES ARE NOT INCLUDED, UNLESS YOU PAY FOR IT IN ADD-ON SERVICES BELOW.*** The complete package pricing with a significant discount is Buy Now Price/listed at top of this post & below. Frankly, it's a no-brainer to guarantee your success.
ADD $999 FOR EXPERT COPYWRITING AND ON-WEBSITE SEO ASSISTANCE to personalize this website to you/your team, your ability level, and your ideal target market. You must supply professional profile photos and smile. Target markets - New college grads & young professionals, professionals & tradesmen, health care professionals, business managers/leaders or executives/high income earners. I will use my 30 years of copywriting expertise to customize the website to you, your ideal target market, your service, process, payment and business preferences (currently this website is customized to maximize my income by catering to more affluent clients, but that strategy is probably not ideal for everyone, especially those new to the resume writing business).
ADD $599 (EACH) FOR 2 NEW EXPERT AUDIO RECORDINGS that will turn browsers into buyers, sell you, and build your value. It will start automatically when people visit your first page on their PC/Mac.This will save you a tremendous amount of time on the phone answering inquiries. It's much easier to let the website sell for you via audio 24/7/365 because with this feature, many of your prospects who went to the website first will just ask to set up an interview appointment because they are already sold. This allows you to complete more paid assignments, have a better work-life balance, earn 33% higher net income, and waste less time answering routine inquiries. FYI: Many people are exhausted after a long hard day at work and prefer not to read a website. It's so much easier to just listen instead. 8v)
ADD $1999 FOR 1 YEAR OF GOODWILL AND LICENSE TO USE MY NAME, IMAGE, PHONE NUMBER, CREDENTIALS, AND REPUTATION, AS EDITOR IN CHIEF ON WEBSITE ONLY (recommended for newbies-new entrepreneurs-those new to this career). Renews annually. You probably only need this powerful extra assist during year one and two. After two years of full-time writing you should have established yourself enough to be independent and be generating your own referrals, phone inquiries from search engines queries and word of mouth in the community/social media. This expert assistance will help you overcome all the initial pitfalls of a startup business including the lack of trust, lack of great reviews and lack of expertise hurdles.
ADD $500/MONTH OR $6000 FOR 1 YEAR OF UP TO FIVE HOURS OF EXPERT ASSISTANCE/SUPPORT/PROBLEM SOLVING PER MONTH INCLUDING WRITING, EDITING, PROOFREADING, DESKTOP PUBLISHING GUIDANCE, COACHING, STRATEGIC, PROBLEM SOLVING, MARKETING, BUSINESS, GUIDANCE (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEWBIES) BY PHONE & EMAIL M-F 9-5 PM CST. This expert assistance will help you overcome all the initial pitfalls of a startup business including the lack of trust, lack of great reviews/bad online reviews, and lack of expertise hurdles. Why hurt your own business by making rookie mistakes? Renewable monthly/annually as needed.
ADD $699 FOR GAME-CHANGING LINKEDIN PROFESSIONAL PROFILE WRITING that sells you to attract new clients and will generate business for you for decades to come. My LI profile probably generates >35%-40% of my business, because so many clients say that's where they found me because of all my five-star reviews there. The bulk of my client are repeat customers, personal referrals and organic Google search engine results.
ADD $599 FOR ONE YEAR OF BUSINESS EMAIL set up & service with "https:// security encryption" for compliance with new website/search engine security standards.
ADD $1999 FOR THE 3 BUSINESS SECRETS THAT WILL DRAMATICALLY INCREASE YOUR CLIENTS' SUCCESS RATE, ENSURE YOU PROSPER, GENERATE PLENTY OF REFERRALS, CREATE LOYAL CLIENTS, AND BENEFIT FROM REPEAT CUSTOMERS (RESIDUAL INCOME) LONG-TERM, AND 10 X YOUR BUSINESSES SALES. Only 1% of all veteran CPRWs/Executive Resume Writers/GMs nationwide even know these trade secrets. I've been in the advertising, marketing & sales business since 1991 and I learned from the best of the best, including Presidents, CEOs, COOs & CMOs of billion dollar companies.
PICK ONE OF SEVERAL BUSINESS MODELS TO EXECUTE ON: Work as GM/Owner only and delegate 100% the work, GM and working writer (CPRW), GM/working writer & delegate some assignments to increase income, focus on serving executives and high income earners exclusively, serve everyone as GM/CPRW, target technology/IT/software developers only, medical professionals only, or target new college grads & young professionals (high volume, ideal confidence booster for newbies). Either way, this business is a license to print money (hard work is required).
_COMPLETE, TURNKEY RESUME WRITING BUSINESS SUCCESS PACKAGE WITH ALL ADD-ON SERVICES INCLUDED AND EXPERT ASSISTANCE INCLUDED IS ONLY $22,999._ You can make 3-4 x that in your first year if your full-time, productive and dedicated. Benefit for decades on complete turnkey business success package with sky-high return on investment year after year (makes a great gift for new college grads/graduate school grads, hard workers who are currently unemployed, disabled veterans/professionals who can type/write proficiently or stay at home Moms/Dads or entrepreneurs). _DOMAIN NAME AND INTERNET BUSINESS WEBSITES THAT ARE ESTABLISHED FOR >10 YEARS ARE RARE._ DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT WILL BRIGHTEN ALL YOUR TOMORROWS. POUNCE ON THIS OPPORTUNITY LIKE A TIGER BY PRESSING BUY NOW! It's a fully tax deductible business expense (saves you 33% on average).
ARE YOU WONDERING WHY THERE IS NO CREDIT/DEBIT CARD PROCESSING OR ONLINE APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING INSTALLED ON THE WEBSITE? That's not a good idea because you could be completely overwhelmed with business too fast/easily. You have to interview each client and write & edit every assignment (or delegate). You have to schedule the work according to your ability/your staff's ability to fulfill these assignments (they come in fast and often because HQ resumes are essential to success). You only want to take payment from clients when you know you can confidently handle that job. Very few professional writers want to take every single job that's offered to them. Typical hurdles before payment: Can I handle the job? Can I meet client's deadline if necessary? Does this client have realistic expectations? Can the client afford your rates or did they accept your estimate? Once all systems are green for go, that's when it's safe to send out an invoice from your DC/CC merchant of choice.
EVIDENCE OF MY EXPERTISE IS LOCATED HERE in the "evidence of my expertise file" attached to my LinkedIn profile as a PDF file -

VISIT to review my entire website (five informative pages with two audio recordings designed to answer all questions).
VISIT MY LINKEDIN PAGE TO SEE MY 75 GLOWING LINKEDIN RECOMMENDATIONS FROM MY CLIENTS HERE - Scroll down to bottom to see recommendations, but do read the entire LI profile. Thank you for your consideration.
FYI DISCLOSURES: Reason for selling - After decades of hard work, I am lightening my workload and work hours. This website and domain is hosted by Weebly, but eBay did not have that as an option nor did they have "other" or "type in the correct answer" as an option. Income estimates assume a professional work ethic, positive attitude, average typing speed, the ability to earn a good reputation online/referrals, and average intelligence. I own multiple Internet businesses with one main bank account, thus there is no bank account, bank statements, financial statements or financial info that comes with the domain name and website (business) for sale. It's a well known fact that resume writing is a well-established profession that's over 40 years old.
Payment is only accepted in US dollars, and to prevent the possibility of fraud I greatly prefer buyers in USA.

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