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Narrative Type Nonfiction

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Topic SAMURAI - GOLDEN AGE - 1560-1615

Format Hardcover

Type Chronicle

Subjects History & Military


Publication Year 2017

Language English


Special Attributes Dust Jacket, Illustrated

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FREE shipping to any USA address - FREE media postage - FREE tracking - THE SAMURAI WARRIOR - The Golden Age of Japan's Elite Fighters - 1560-1615 - by Ben Hubbard - During Japan's Warring States period, centuries of strife had left the country divided and leaderless - Those who filled the power vacuum were the daimyo, warlords who ruled over the clans and provinces of Japan - Serving their daimyo, the samurai were the ultimate warriors at a time when military prowess won out over hereditary power and position - The nature of warfare itself changed-romantic ideas of mounted duels and battlefield decorum became as rare as aristocratic samurai leaders - Marching in to replace them were the common foot soldiers, the ashigaru, armed with pikes and matchlock rifles -The Samurai Warrior examines the fighting men of this key period in Japanese history - Divided into six chapters, the book describes: the unification under the Tokugawa bakufu - the major battles of the era - the weapons and armor used - the social structure of Japanese society - myths about the samurai - and finally the decline of the samurai amidst the modernization of the Meiji period - Including more than 200 photographs, illustrations, paintings, and maps - etc - over-sized, HARDCOVER book - color pictorial covers - with matching - BOOK COVERS, SPINE, CORNERS, EDGES, D/J, etc, ALL LIKE NEW CONDITION - ALL INTERIOR PAGES LIKE NEW CONDITION - BOOK IS UNREAD - book approx 8 3/4" x 11 1/2" x 224 glossy-stock pages, including: Glossary - Bibliography - Index - Picture Credits - Pub: Amber Books Ltd - London - 2017 - Printed in China - Remember: FREE shipping to any USA address - FREE media postage - FREE tracking

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