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SIMPLIFIED HORARY ASTROLOGY, by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson. Pasadena, CA: Pasadena Lithographers, 1970.
The scarce 1970 Pasadena Lithographers typewritten-font edition of this exhaustive classic of astrological work!
"Explains fully & simply how to answer such queries as regard personal problems, family, marriage, health, business, travel, finances, children, inheritance, death, loss, etc., with 34 charts to illustrate the method; valuable to those who want an immediate, dependable answer to a serious question. It is designed to teach those who must study alone or at home, as well as those able to have tuition, so includes instruction in setting a chart. One of the great horary books of the century."
The houses & the natural wheel: Masculine/feminine; Months when signs begin; Qualities; Elements; Decanates; Intercepted signs
The Planets, their symbols & speed: Dignity, detriment, exaltation & fall; Peregrine planets; Intercepted planets; Rulership of places, creatures, plants, liquids, metals, gems, articles, equipment, days & hours; As significator of querent & quested; As co-significators; As co-rulers of persons & matters; Mute, dissatisfied, insecure, besieged; In nodal or malefic degrees; In critical degrees, or 0, 15 or 29 degrees; Retrograde planets; In mutual reception
The Part of Fortune & its declination: Also the Parts of Misfortune, Sickness, Marriage, Surgery or cutting, Death, Danger or peril, Legalizing & weddings
To set up the horary chart
Calculation of the Planets-places
Aspects, applying & separating: The orb to allow; The opposition & its meaning; The conjunction & sextile: their meaning; The square & trine: their meaning; The parallel & its meaning; Minor aspects, especially the Quincunx; The lunation, eclipse & occultation; Confirming aspects; Aspect by mutual application; Translation & collection of light
The Moon, her speed of motion: Calculating the moon's position; The moon's standing in the signs; The moon's nodes; Where her aspects begin & end; The moon's separating aspect; Reading her first & final aspects; Unable to complete her final aspect; The moon void of course; The moon void but parallel Fortuna; The moon's preceding conjunction; An important event in the past; The moon changes enroute anywhere; As significator: description, early life; The moon as co-ruler; Places ruled by the moon & Cancer; Creatures, plants, equipment, hours ruled; The moon common & cadent; The moon in the 5th or 9th; Anatomy & pathology of the moon & Cancer; The moon in an election chart
The First House: Planets in the 1st house; Where would I be better off?; What is going to happen to me?; Am I to live long? To die soon?; When am I going to make a change?; Will I be able to stay where I am?; What else does it say about me?; Does it tell my future?; Where is the missing person?; Is he at home? Is he well? Is he dead?; Can I get in touch with him?; Will the absent one return?; What is the absent person doing?; Is this vehicle safe?
The Second House: Planets in the second house; Shall I become rich, and how?; Shall I become poor, and how?; Shall I be able to borrow?; Shall I cash the check for him?; Shall I guarantee the note?; Shall I invest (not speculate)?; Shall I make this purchase?; Shall I exchange the goods?; Shall I be paid for the goods?
The Third House: Planets in the third house; Who called in my absence?; Where is the letter I sent?; Who wrote the anonymous letter?; Who has been gossiping?; Is the report or rumor true?; What sort of trip am I going to have?; Shall I make the trip?; Should I not make the trip?; The moon's changes enroute
The Fourth House: Planets in the fourth house; Should I pay the balance on this lot?; Is the price high or low?; To buy or sell? The buyer & seller; Will the oil come in? Shall I profit?; Things lost or mislaid. Where?; Where is the missing article?; Will the article be found? When?; Where is my purse?; Where is my lost diamond ring?; Where is the yardage I bought?; Shall I inherit from my family? When?
The Fifth House: Planets in the 5th house; Fifth house questions; Shall I speculate in this gold mine?; Shall I speculate?; Shall I win or lose? (Wager, etc.); Which team will win?; Concerning a messenger; Questions about children; Concerning illegitimacy; Is this birth illegitimate?; Conception & pregnancy; Pregnant or not; Present duration of pregnancy; Time of delivery; Boy or girl; twins; Survival of the child; Why don't I have a baby?; What is my child best fitted for?; Will the missing child return?; About love-affairs
The Sixth House: Planets in the 6th house; Sixth house questions: Shall I employ this person?; Will my maid return to my employ?; Concerning tenants & lodgers; Should I have a lodger or tenant?; Will my tenant or lodger remain?; About small animals, fowls & pets; The time to buy, or not; Is the dog trustworthy & faithful?; Should I have a pet?; About missing animals; Questions about sickness; The Part of Sickness; The Angle of Distress; Gender & temperature of the planets; Anatomy & pathology of the signs; Pathology of the planets; What is the matter with me?; Should I have an operation?; Is father's illness serious?; Is it cancer?; Is the illness real or imagined?; Progress & duration of the illness; Is the disease curable?; Will the patient recover? When?; Will the patient die?
The Seventh House: Planets in the 7th house; Seventh house questions; Questions about marriage; The Part of Marriage; Will my brother marry this woman?; Shall I ever get married?; Am I going to marry this one? When?; Shall I marry more than once?; Why don't we get married?; Will there be a divorce?; Will my wife (or husband) return?; Concerning lawsuits: who wins?; The judge in the case; Shall I plead bankruptcy?; Partnership & business deals; Will this business deal go through?; The buyer & the seller; Loss by theft; Will the stolen goods be found?; Describe the thief; Is he the one I suspect?; Which way did he go?; Does the thief still have the goods?; Will the thief be caught?; The thief is under arrest; Is there more than one thief?; Will there be a war?; Will the besieged surrender?; When will World War II end?; For safe return from war; Do I have any public enemy?
The Eighth House: Planets in the 8th house; Eighth house questions; To recover a debt; Will I be repaid for my doctor bill?; Will son-in-law pay me the note?; Shall I be paid for the goods?; Shall I be reimbursed for my loss?; About wills & legacies; Is there a will?; Will the legacy be received?; Regarding surgery; The Part of Surgery or Cutting; Chart for the time of surgery; Should I have an operation?; Death in the chart; The Part of Death; Recognizing death in any chart; Will there be a death soon?; Will the patient recover?; Am I in danger? The Part of Peril
The Ninth House: Planets in the 9th house; Ninth house questions; Shall I take the bus to Arizona?; Am I going to attend the wedding?; Election chart for a trip; The moon's changes enroute; Rituals, legalizing, certifying; The Part of Legalizing; The Part of Weddings; Is my schooling adequate?; Should I go to college?; For success in publishing; Insurance, am I the beneficiary?
The Tenth House: Planets in the 10th house; 10th house questions; Trades & professions; Shall I get this job?; Should I leave this job?; For return to office or power; Conviction & execution by law; Will friend Jack be convicted?; Will these spies be executed?; Success of a petition
The Eleventh House: Planets in the 11th house; Eleventh house questions; Is my friend true or false?; Shall I become a member?; Shall I proceed with the adoption?; Will I get my wish?; How will his will turn out?; Wages: to get a raise or refund
The Twelfth House: Planets in the 12th house; Twelfth house questions; An undisclosed question (mystery); Have I a secret enemy?; Arrest & imprisonment; Freedom from prison & time of release; Danger of death in prison; Am I in danger? The Part of Peril
Reading the Horary Chart: Caution in reading the chart; House rulership of persons & matters; The house of the question; The measure of time; The distance by mileage; The direction by house & sign; Bringing the matter to perfection; The aspects that bring perfection; Translation & collection of light; The moon void but aspecting Fortuna; What denies perfection; Hindrance, frustration, impediment; Refranation, combust, under sunbeams; The via combust way; Progressing the horary planets
The Election Chart: How to set up the election chart; Malefics in the election chart; The moon in the election chart; For independent action; For any other kind of action; Election chart for a journey.
Format: 5.75 x 8.5" hc, peach boards with gilt cover and spine lettering, 277pp, diagrams, tables, charts.

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