SLS Stickman system using an XBOX 360 Kinect sensor for ghost hunting complete

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This system is one of the coolest ghost hunting tools available today. It looks for human forms, superimposes a stick figure over the image, and mimics the form’s movements. When it’s set up, if you, or someone, stands in front of the sensor, you will see the stick figure superimposed on top of the person. The interesting thing is that sometimes a stick figure will appear when no person or human form is visible. Some say that this is evidence of a spirit.
This is the most advanced SLS system we make, and the most advanced system we have ever seen for that matter. It is also completely self-contained and portable. It’s also ergonomically designed so you don’t have to hold it straight in front of you, but down at an angle. This means you can go on a longer ghost hunt and not tire your arm.
We start with a Microsoft Kinect Sensor. We fully test it with one of our SLS test systems to make sure it works up to our standards. We then totally disassemble it and remove the base along with its LONG cable. We then mount a power connecter to the underside of the Kinect as well as running a USB cable through the case. We then replace the base with a sleek custom designed (by us) 3D printed (by us) mounting base for use with the supplied “C” frame. Our custom mount also works with tripods. Then we rewire the inside of the Kinect so it works with the new connectors. Once we have reassembled the unit, we fully test it, and then clean and polish it.
Yes it’s a LOT of work, but it’s worth it. We designed an SLS system that we are proud of and use ourselves. By replacing the base of the Kinect, the unit closer to the mount, making it more stable. By replacing the cable, we get rid of over six feet of cable that would get in the way and take up a fair amount of room.
What may not be obvious is that we also get rid of the adaptor – it itself has about ten feet cable. With our conversion we get rid of 16 feet of cable overall – THAT’S A LOT OF CABLE. These modifications and improvements make our unit a lot sleeker, lighter in weight, smaller in size, easier to use, and overall a lot cleaner and nicer-looking unit.
We have thought of everything, including a custom-designed, 3D-printed battery case holder, which keeps the battery case securely on the frame.
The frame has thick padding, making it comfortable to hold on those longer ghost hunts.
The software included with this unit is the standard SLS stickman software, but we also include additional software that was customized by us and is not available anywhere else.
The system can be totally run from batteries, or plugged into a wall outlet. The tablet has a rechargeable battery that would needs to be re-charged from a wall outlet.
• Kinect sensor *Refurbished
• a tablet computer (loaded with StickMan (SLS) software) *Refurbished
• tablet wall charger
• frame mount holder for the tablet computer
• battery holder with custom 3D-printed mount to connect it to the carrier
• “C” frame, with padded holder, to make all the pieces portable
• custom made tripod thumb screw (needed due to the thick “C” frame)
• a 120VAC power supply to power the Kinect from wall power (will save batteries if unit is
• Set of instructions
• Lifetime tech support
The Microsoft Kinects haven’t been manufactured in years and are no longer available for sale as new. We acquire them from various sources and thoroughly test them for SLS use. After we go through the units, if we find any issues, our technicians perform any necessary repairs to make them operational. After this, we clean the Kinect sensors. We then fully test the unit again using SLS software. Because they’re used they may have some scratches or other marks on them, but they are fully operational.
We include everything you need except for the spirits. Plug the Kinect adaptor power supply into the Kinect, a wall outlet, and your computer. That’s it—you’re ready! If you have any questions just call or email us.
We offer lifetime technical support for this product. Just pick up a phone, or email us, and we will work with you to answer any questions you may have. Our support doesn’t end with the sale – that’s when it begins. We hope that you’ll consider us for your other paranormal needs. Follow us to see what other devices and tools we design.
First and foremost – we have been in business for over 25 years. The people involved with these projects have worked together for approximately 30 years – we are truly a team. So when we say lifetime technical support, it means something!
We are an engineering and technology group in Indianapolis, Indiana. The owner, who has two degrees in electrical engineering and an advanced degree in computer science, has given talks at paranormal conventions and radio shows about ghost hunting equipment. Our equipment has been used on several ghost hunting TV shows. We consult with several of the top TV shows about what they need and expect, and have custom designed equipment to meet their needs. We have appeared on one show where we described our equipment and then joined in the hunt itself!
We are also skeptics. We believe this lets us objectively design our equipment to scientific standards while keeping emotion and speculation out of the equation.
We are engineers and technicians and have a complete engineering lab and assembly area on premises. We have 3D FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) designers and modelers on staff, which allows us to come up with new designs, or modify existing designs, super quick. We even have 10 - 3D printers in house to make sure we can keep up with any demand we get for our products.
Above all, we are having fun designing and testing our equipment!
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