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This sale is for a custom 3D printed Soft TPU Pet Bluetooth Tracker Collar MOUNT that is specially designed to perfectly fit the TILE Sticker Bluetooth Tracker, providing an easy and safe way for you to track your pet’s location. This listing does NOT include the Tile Sticker Bluetooth tracking device. Rather, it provides a safe and convenient way to attach it to your pet's collar.
The Tile Sticker is perfect for keeping tabs on your pets, since it is small, lightweight and is the only tile that is completely waterproof. Plus, it has a 3 year battery life and in my testing is the most durable tile (holds up on pets even better than the Tile Pro). However, the big limitation is that there is no loophole and thus no easy way to attach the tile sticker to your pet’s collar. It does have less range than the larger Tile bluetooth trackers, however in my household has been tremendously helpful to keep tabs on our 2 large dogs.
This 3D printed custom designed case will allow you to pop your tile sticker into the case, which will firmly secure the Tile Sticker inside, then securely attach to any pet collar with a key ring style loop. Same as you would attach a pet name tag and vaccine tags. The flexible TPU case further protects the tile sticker, increasing durability and holds on securely.
To install your Tile Sticker, there is no need to unseal the adhesive backing. The mount is a tight fit and will firmly hold the Tile in place on its own. Carefully line up the button on the front of the Tile Sticker with the top of the collar mount. Insert the top portion of the Tile with the button into the inner portion of the case (as pictured above, where the Tile Sticker is half in). Again make sure it is aligned correctly (you will not be able to spin or rotate the Tile Sticker once it is inside the mount). Once happy with alignment, press firmly straight down on the bottom portion of the Tile (over the word "Tile") and your Tile Sticker should pop securely into place! To ensure the Tile does not fall out, the fit is very snug and precise. If you have any trouble getting it to pop into place, it can help slightly to place a few drops of water on the outer rubber edge of the Tile Sticker to help it slide in easier. You can also use a hairdryer briefly (10 seconds) on the soft mount to soften it slightly too before installation. Please be careful however as too much heat may deform the case.
Condition is New. Shipped with USPS.

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