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Model SL-HF400

Brand Sony

Playable Media Beta

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All mechanics and electronics work perfectly. Fast Forward, Rewind, Pause. Tracking. Please own with confidence. Based on recent eBay history, you are likely to be "in the running" for this at a potentially lower cost than others have recently paid.
...being sold by original owner.
This VCR served me well in its day! For those who don't know, SUPER BETA HIFI was the top performing videocassette system of the consumer VCR era. It was not the top seller because the (technically inferior) VHS format won the public because of the fact that you could cram SIX HOURS OF STUFF on a single video cassette. BETA could do 4.5 hours which is not that much less, but it took a few years to expand BETA to more than 3 hours of tape. During that period you could get DOUBLE on a VHS than you could on a BETA.
I will stop preaching now, as people who tune into this auction are very likely to already know that. Personally, with a good new tape, recording at fastest speed with good TV reception, I could not tell the difference between a SuperBeta recording and live TV. The day that HIGH DEFINITION TV entered the market was the day all of that ended.
This was safely stored in a dry place for several years. I found a half dozen BETA tapes still hiding in my house. They had "save-able" footage on them, so on a recent weekend, I did my own "Legacy box - like" digital transfer. It involved playing 6 tapes from start to finish. I used pause, rewind, fast forward. All the mechanics are functioning as new. Picture/sound quality is definitely SuperBeta HIFI. After completing these transfers, I no longer had any reason to keep this machine, and on eBay, I note there is a significant market for products like this.....probably from people who still have some tapes lying around at their houses.
If someone wanted to keep and use this to enjoy their own video collection without doing transfers, I am confident that this machine has a TON left in the tank!
There is a detailed owners manual which will explain some pretty fascinating features, including the ability to record separate video and audio programs on the same cassette. For example, if you want to record an old movie off of TNT, you could set the video recording to make a conventional mono audio track for the movie, while at the same time, you could be taking some of your old 33 1/3 LPs and make EXTREMELY high quality stereo analog recordings of your music. I believe you need to do that simultaneously, but I'll let the next owner read up on that feature. To make that feature work well might require that you have an older tv around to use for watching the movies, so with modern equipment, it might be a bit of a stretch, but I mention it just to explain that this is a pretty fancy piece of gear!
More likely, you just want to watch or digitize some video cassettes!
I think that is about all I need to say about this. I have set up shipping as follows. I will have you pay the UPS Ground Rate for shipping PLUS $20. The $20 is to cover the cost of insurance to wherever it might go at whatever price it sells for. If I only need $8 of the $20 extra dollars, I will promptly issue a 12 dollar refund to the winner, so the final price you pay will be as close as possible to the exact total of YOUR WINNING BID + ACTUAL SHIP COST.
This weighs almost 30 pounds and is packed well enough to travel to Mars in a covered wagon!
ONE MORE THING! Note in the pictures that there is a SuperBeta video cassette shown entitled ROGER WHITTAKER IN KENYA. That is a SuperBeta recording which is INCLUDED in this sale. You might want to take a listen to it you end up winning this. I digitized it for myself and have watched it twice already. If you can tolerate watching great scenery in old school analog video, you will be able to hear top notch stereo HIFI Roger Whittaker songs at the same time.
Thank you for your interest!
Appleton Wisconsin
PS. If I get any interesting questions during the auction, I will report the questions and answers at the bottom of this description.Also, please note above that a donation will be made to a qualifying institution based on a percentage of the selling price.

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