8 8mm Super 8 Regular 8 8mm Film to Digital Transfer Convert HD Frame-By-Frame

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CVS Professionals
Serving eBay for 20 years!
8mm Movie Reel Film to MOV (1920x1080p 110 Mb/s)
+FREE YouTube / SmartTV MP4 (1080p 14 Mb/s)
NEW 2048X1536 Sony IMX Camera Tech
Premium HD Quality! Our Best Value Ever!
> You are purchasing a premium SERVICE:
> Send us a 3" (50') Super-8, 8mm or 16mm silent reel-to-reel movie film
> Receive a 1920x1080p MOV (DNxHD) video file on DVD-R data disc
> _1920x1080p 110 Mb/s 4:2:2 Chroma 15/18fps matches film quality & speed
> Superior to competitors' 720x480i DVD _8 Mb/s _video, 720p video, or 1920p MP4_
> __
> What's Included in This Auction:
> -This auction covers a single 3" diameter silent movie reel film
> Order the quantity needed to cover each 3" 50' reel you are sending
> We can setup a CUSTOM eBay auction for larger reel sizes or sound S8/16mm
> Please include a USB stick for smaller multi-reel orders, 5GB needed per 50'
> Please include a lightweight 2.5" USB Hard Drive for larger multi-reel orders
> -60 Day Inspection Period/File Replacement Warranty!
> Please contact us to setup a custom auction for:
> - Playable Blu-ray, DVD & Deluxe Case for standalone BR/DVD players
> - QUICKTIME PNG (15/18 fps) 350 Mb/s _LOSSLESS_ (matches our source)
> - 2048X1536 PNG LOSSLESS IMAGE SEQUENCE (3,500+ images / 16GB per 50' of film)
> - PRORES 422 OR PRORES HQ (29.97 fps) 270 Mb/s 4:2:2 Chroma for editing on Macs
> - SONY HDCAM SR (30 fps) 450 Mb/s 4:4:4 (PBS, Broadcast, Documentaries, etc.)
> - M-JPEG AVI (29.97 fps) 50 Mb/s 4:2:2 Chroma for older Windows PCs, NLEs
> Why scan at 2048x1536, not just 480i DVD, 720p, or 1080p?
> 95% of 50+ year-old personal family films retain their amazing photo quality! Unlike low quality VHS & analog camcorder videos, films are a series of photo-quality images originally projected onto large movie screens. Our NEW 2048x1536 Sony IMX camera tech makes your films look their best on large 40"+ 1080p HD TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs, etc. 2048x1536 exceeds the grain quality of the film, so future generations will not have to pay-again to preserve the best quality your films support. You are free to make and distribute unlimited copies of the 1920x1080p files. Share them on Facebook, YouTube, The Cloud, etc. We can also provide a custom quote for converting the source 2048x1536 scans to 2K video, 4K video, or 2048x1536 PNG image scans which is what many of our commercial clients are now requesting for use in historical documentaries...
> • From our beginning we specialized in digitally transferring old reel-to-reel movie films for historical documentaries, film archive libraries, universities, professional athletes, famous families, etc. Professional clients demand the best so we are continually upgrading our technology to meet their stringent requirements. However, we accept personal film orders via eBay to keep us busy while we are waiting for large commercial orders to S-L-O-W-L-Y render-out uncompressed HD to meet professional studio & broadcasting standards...
> • Therefore, a FILM SPECIALIST transfers your personal family films on a very high quality system! Professional studio quality for a great price!
> • In 2005, we were the FIRST on eBay to offer DVD (digital) vs. VHS (analog) using new pre-production frame-by-frame tech with our own post-capture editing.
> • In 2009, we were the FIRST on eBay to offer 1920x1080 Blu-ray quality using new pre-production HD frame-scanning combined with our own advanced color editing.
> • TODAY WE UTILIZE NEW (2019) 2048X1536 SONY IMX CAMERA technology with superior color & exposure control during the actual scan process. SEND 8+ REELS, INCLUDE A 2.5" USB HARD DRIVE, CHOOSE PRIORITY MAIL & RECEIVE FREE POST-CAPTURE COLOR EDITING!
> __
> Why Not Choose Local Stores / Bulk Transfer Services?
> Most local stores ship-out old movie films to a central store or 3rd party where hourly employees manage rows of automated machines. They transfer everything from low-quality VHS tapes to high quality reel-to-reel films. Customers with low expectations for 50 year-old films are typically happy because the DVDs from their photo-quality films look about the same as the DVDs made from their low-quality VHS tapes. They do not realize that films are photo-quality media supporting 1920x1080p 110+ Mb/s playback, 6X the resolution & 15X the data rate of DVD! We encourage you to send us at least ONE reel to make an informed decision - or just checkout our eBay feedback & send them all!
> Why Do We Have Less Total eBay Sales Than Some Others?
> Although we have maintained an outstanding 100% feedback rating for over 20 years, we do not post new eBay auctions during peak contract months. If you are viewing this auction then NOW is a great time to receive a professional quality transfer at the low price listed in the auction! We answer emails, provide customer support, and custom quotes year-round - but the number of eBay listings will vary depending on our transfer schedule.
> Payment, Shipping & Turn-Around Details:
> OUR FREE ECONOMY RETURN SHIPPING RATE IS FOR LIGHTWEIGHT 3" REELS ONLY. If you have 50' of film on a larger reel, please choose Priority Mail return shipping. After check-out eBay will provide payment, packing & shipping instructions including our shipping address. You are responsible for shipping your film reel to us in a sturdy BOX using USPS First Class Mail with Signature Confirmation for the security of your pre-transferred films.
> We will ship back your reel & new DVD-R data disc via FREE Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation. We keep a backup copy of your entire project for 60 days... However, if you prefer for us to ship using a sturdy box with Signature Confirmation, please choose the First Class Mail shipping upgrade.
> We ship 2-4 weeks from the date we receive your package. Our PRO 1080p HD quality & attention to detail take longer than consumer-grade services using rows of automated machines operated by hourly employees... Thank you for understanding!
> Important Reminders:
> This auction is for transferring ONE 3" diameter (50') SILENT reel-to-reel movie film to 1920x1080p MOV. Please contact us for larger reels (including 3.5" 16mm), multi-reel orders, or sound reels; we can setup a custom eBay auction.
> Send 16+ Reels, USB 3 HDD, Choose Priority Mail & Receive FREE Color Editing!
> Please note that some low-quality Super-8 films from the 1970's may have color loss whereas most films from the 1940's-1960's typically look pristine (like our examples). Our discounted eBay service/pricing is for family films only. Do NOT send us new undeveloped film, commercial films, copyrighted material, cartoons, burlesque, or XXX adult films. We keep your master capture files for 60 days to honor our 60 Day Warranty. During this time we can setup a custom eBay sale for optional upgrades like a playable/laminated Blu-ray & DVD in a Deluxe Case complete with pictures from your films as artwork.
> OHIO RESIDENTS ONLY: Your order will automatically include 6.5% Ohio sales tax

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