10+1 Taiwan Bee Blue Bolt Shrimp

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Water Type Fresh

Water Temperature 68-78F

Country/Region Of Manufacture Taiwan

Species Shrimp

Difficulty Level Expert

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You are buying 10+1 Blue Bolt TaiwaneseBeep Shrimp
My Water Parameters:
72-75 F
6.2-6.6 pH
120-180 TDS
Size: 1/3"-3/4"Young-lings are better at adapting to environment changes and will result in alower death rate while moving to a new tank. Since they are shipped young, it is hard to determine the gender. However I guarantee a mixed gender batch so that if you want to start breeding your own, you can.
Shrimps will be shipped in breather bag insulated withStyrofoam.
**I SHIP ON MONDAY/TUESDAY TO THE US ONLY** This is to avoid theshrimplets being stuck in the mailing system over the weekend.I do not ship toHawaii, Alaska and PR.
Normally you will receive your order within 1 week afterpayment clears.
100% live arrival guaranteed.
In case of DOA, please submit aCLEAR photo of unopened bag within 2 hours after package is received, a refundwill be issued for the deceased shrimp. Please note that one extra shrimp is included in case of DOA, anymore DOA beyond one will be refunded.
Please note that shipping is notrefundable

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