Tell Them: Exposing My Deepest & Darkest to Help You Live in the Light.

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Format Paperback / softback, 278 pages

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We tend to hide what's embarrassing or even shameful. We fear walking our past or present struggles into the light will cause judgement and rejection. It doesn't matter if those things happened to us or because of us - they both have voices. They both cause us to bury skeletons we don't want anyone else to find.
For decades, I believed my truths could hurt me more than my lies, and transparency about the things I've done or been hurt by would only magnify my already deep root of rejection. God showed me I was forgiven, but I wasn't free. By hiding what I was afraid of, I was giving power to it. So it's time to expose my dark and decrepit skeletons, and I'm inviting you into the exhumation. I'm going to take off my proverbial bra and let it all hang out!
But this book isn't just for me. It's for you - to create a path for you to take power away from your hurts and walk them into the light. The enemy wants to keep you down and believing his lies. I want to show you how your truths can set you, and so many others, free. And I might just make you laugh along the way. Are you ready? Let's go get the shovels.

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