Unity 3D Essential 2018 Video Training

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Unity 3D Essential 2018
6 hours
00 - Introduction
What you should know
Exercise files
01 - Setting Up the Unity Project
Project set-up overview
File management and project organization
Importing Unity standard packages
02 - Understanding the Unity Interface
Intro to the Unity user interface
Customizing the UI
Navigating Unity
Unity documentation
03 - Working with Assets
GameObjects and asset creation
The Unity Asset Store
Content creation checklist
Exporting assets for Unity
Importing assets into Unity
04 - Applying Materials
Introduction to materials
Creating and organizing new materials
Material and texture properties
Advanced custom materials
05 - Prefabs
What are prefabs?
Creating and exporting prefabs
Importing prefabs
Prefab instances and updates
06 - Level Building
Placing modular assets
Roof and floor build
Props and scene assembly
07 - Creating and Implemeting Animation
Animation basics and editors in Unity
Animation clips and controllers
Physics and rigid bodies
Retargeting: Third-person character
Scripting and MonoDevelop
08 - Collisions
Unity collider components
Applying colliders
Optimizing collisions
09 - Adding Audio
Introduction to audio in Unity
Adding ambient sound
The Unity audio mixer
Triggering sounds with animation
10 - Unity Lighting
Introduction to lighting
Light properties
Environment lighting
Animating a light
11 - Baking Lighting
Light baking: Pros vs. Cons
Object and light parameters for baking
Light probes
Adding reflection probes
Lightmap results and settings
12 - Particles and FX in Unity
Ambient particles: Dust
Creating steam effects
Modifying the appearance of particles
Adding fog to the scene
13 - Post-Processing
Installing the post-processing stack
Tone mapping
Post-process effects
Bloom and exposure
14 - Timeline: Creating Cinematics
The timeline editor
Animating with timeline
Audio and timeline
Playtest the game sequence
15 - Packaging Your Unity Project
Game optimization tips
Build and player settings
Compiling a desktop build
16 - Conclusion
Next steps
Exercise Files

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