13 Year, $3500, Never Late, No Balance AU Tradeline

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13 Year, $3,500, Never Late, No Balance AU Tradeline.
AU Tradeline %100 ON Time Payments
$3,500 CL balance is guaranteed to remain between 0 and 7% as recommended by FICO to get the best results.
Reports on the 9th of Each month. So that means if you buy it before that date (at least a few days before) it should post to your report the same month, if not it will be reported on the 9th of the next month. This is just how it works so don’t be alarmed if you don’t it within the 1st month, now you know why most AU sellers say “within 60 days you’ll see it post” .
You are Guaranteed 60 days or Two Reporting Cycles to be on this card. Afterwards you will be removed but the card’s good history will typically remain & It will just show up as a positive closed account. Which will still aid to your overall GOOD history for years to come.
Let’s be clear Results will Vary based on your current credit situation. This will not mask a bad credit problem it will simply provide you with a relationship with the bank your adding and potentially the necessary boost you’d need to obtain new cards in your own name of similar status/caliber i.e (Amex, Discover, Barclays ect) provided the rest of your report looks good I.e free of RECENT charge-off/Collections at the Time of Applying. If your Collections are older than 2 years then you will typically see more results from adding an AU.
If You Purchase:
1. I Would Need your SSN.
2. Date of birth.
3rd. Your Address
4th. Your phone number &email address.
5th. The login to your Credit Karma account to verify results, and that the tradeline has posted for the 2 months you’ve paid for.
Lastly, of course I shouldn’t have to say it BUT it’s eBay, you WILL NOT GET THE PHYSICAL CARD just the credit history from the card

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